The 10 Smartest Animals On The Planet


Animals are such interesting creatures. The ones you encounter most, such as cats and dogs, each have such distinct features. Cats, for example, always seem so judgmental and intelligent. Dogs, on the other hand, seem so happy and well, not on the brightest of sides. We are all guilty of classifying certain animals in certain lights, which is why it might surprise you to learn than these 10 animals are much smarter than you give them credit for.

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They’re kind of creepy in that they’re so black and doom-and-gloom in appearance. A group of them in your yard or flying over a remote field can creep you out significantly. However, they’re species of bird is considered the most intelligent. In a study performed at the University of Oxford, it was proven that crows are actually intelligent enough to fashion tools out of whatever it handy to help them retrieve a meal or other necessity.

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They’re not particularly anything in anyone’s eyes; other than abundant in the spring and summer down here in the south. However, lizards are intelligent little beings. Studies have shown that lizards can actually count and that they work together when they’re hungry. For example, a lizard that wants to eat the eggs of an alligator will use one lizard to lure the parent gator away from the eggs while the rest take the food.

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You know how rats are used in lab experiments all the time? Have you ever wondered why we use rats to test things? Because they are most like humans; they are social by nature and they use similar intelligence as people. They’re altruistic, they can count and they are even capable of keeping track of time when studied in many different experiments.

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Tooth Carp

It’s such a small fish that you probably never noticed it – and you certainly don’t think of it in any way when you think of smart animals. These fish are said to have numerical abilities counting as high as four. In a study performed by an Italian university, carp can actually count as high as four, choosing groups of fish with four or more every single time they were given the option to choose between a group of three or a group of four.

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Vampire Bats

In studies, vampire bats are altruistic. They work and live in large communities and they can keep track of who has done them a favor in the past. For example, vampire bats will share their food with bats who have done them past favors, such as sharing food with them. They’re capable of keeping track of favors and performing favors on their own.

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Given the number of them that we run over on a regular basis, it might not seem that squirrels are all that smart. But, they are. Wilkes University performed a study that showed squirrels are actually great at several things. For example, they know when they’re being watched by animals that want to take their food and they will create an elaborate area for food, but never actually put anything in it. They know they’re being watched, and know that other animals will come back for their food, so they’ll actually fake them out and hide their food elsewhere.

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They do have a very complicated social system, what with the queen bee and the worker bees and the fact that they seem to die immediately after they get their affairs in order. However, honeybees are exceptionally intelligent. Nobel Prize winners Konrad Lorenz, Niko Tingergen and Dr. Karl von Frisch performed a study that went on to show honeybees will collect food and perform an elaborate dance at their hive to show the other bees in the hive just how far and where to find their own source of food. They can actually create their own maps, remembering landmarks and other aspects to help them navigate their way around.

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Specifically, the Portia labiata jumping spider is one of the smartest animals in the world. This spider is known for its problem solving capabilities in lab testing, which has garnered it the title of smartest bug in the world. One of their greatest talents is to learn from their prey, watching it as it fights back, so that the next time it recognizes the same prey, it can use they prey’s own defenses against them.

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Not all dogs are considered as smart as the Border Collie. They’re known as the smartest dog breed in the world. They’re usually sheep dogs, spending their time herding. However, there have been some studies that show border collie’s have the ability to do up to five times the amount of work the average human can perform. They also learn to recognize behavior, learning their owner’s habits and schedules so that they can anticipate their next move.

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They’re big, and they’re smart. That could be a pretty deadly combination. They have the most expansive and incredible memory of all animals. Elephants are artistic. They can use art to show off their feelings. They can recognize their own face in a mirror, they communicate with one another very well, and they’re very independent of one another. They’re also good listeners.

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