15 Signs Someone Is Not Self-Aware


There are more than 15 signs someone is not self-aware, but it takes a little skill to realize how to spot them. Once you do, you can help them, or avoid them.

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I like brutal honesty 

There’s this interesting conversational tool called ‘tact’ that people who say things like this don’t have. There are reasons for it, but without practicing tact, it’s tough to talk to anyone who blurts out whatever comes to mind, especially when they’re not self-aware.

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I abhor drama

Of all the entries on this list, this is the most blatant lie among them. People who state that they hate drama in any form are not self-aware and are usually those who are the most drawn to it.

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Let people think what they want about me.

It’s great to act tough, it’s even better to prove you’re tough. But if you eschew all forms of advice and criticism you’re stuck in your own bubble and need help.

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I’m unique.¬†

I mean, yes, everyone is to some degree. But the moment someone starts thinking that they’re the main deal, that humanity has never seen anyone like them, well, delusion has set in.

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I have such bad luck

Yeah, because choice never factors into anything, right? People who blame everything on luck are typically those who don’t want to accept the burden of being accountable.

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I don’t need help from anyone

A lot of people don’t want to show any sign of weakness. But the fun fact is this: relying on others isn’t a weakness. Not being self-aware makes it feel this way.

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I don’t like to judge, but…

Don’t you believe it. People who say this love to judge, they just don’t want to look or sound like a gossip.

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I like to make things perfect

This is an easy way to dismiss any imperfections that come along since the person speaking will use this as an excuse. Sometimes ‘good enough’ is just that.

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I tell it like it is

People with no filter say this and don’t think it’s an issue. Unfortunately, it causes a lot of people to steer clear of them, leading to those ‘misunderstandings’.

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I’m just misunderstood

It’s easy for a lack of understanding to build if people don’t understand the messages you’re sending. Claiming that you’re misunderstood is an excuse most times, especially if it’s said more than a few times.

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I’m too old/young for this

This is one of the classic ways of shirking responsibility, and too many people take it. You’re never too old to take on accountability.

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I like to please people

People are trying to tally up karma points if they say this, especially with people they want to curry favor with. Pleasing people is fine, but there’s no need to advertise it.

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I don’t dabble in politics

This is a common cop-out that a lot of people have used when they don’t want to talk about something they don’t fully understand. It’s a messy conversation, that’s true, but informed and silent is better than ignorant.

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That’s your opinion

Their opinion matters the most, even though they act as though they respect the opinions of others. If your beliefs don’t align with theirs, however, they won’t show a lot of respect for your words.

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If I could get people to listen…

They know how to play the victim, or at least play up the moment for those who they want to follow them. The problem is they probably don’t have anything interesting to say.


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