15 Rude Things You Need To Stop Doing At The Grocery Store

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Amazingly, there are 15 rude things you need to stop doing at the grocery store, but some people are slow to get the point. Those who do these things weren’t told no often enough as kids.

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Leaving your cart in the parking lot

As a former retail and grocery employee, this is insanely disrespectful. It’s also incredibly lazy.

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Leaving the checkout to grab an item more than one aisle away

Sure, you forget things, especially when you find other items that you want as well. But if the item you want is further than right next to you or another aisle away, reconsider leaving everyone hanging so you can find it.

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Blocking the aisle

You might find time to talk with someone or need to find something close by and don’t want to move your cart. This is frustrating to employees and to fellow shoppers.

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Cutting in line

If you’re not allowed to do this in elementary school, it’s a safe bet that people won’t let you do this when you’re purchasing groceries. Wait your turn, patiently.

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Invading peoples’ personal spaceĀ 

Most people don’t appreciate it when you get up close and personal with them. This is how YouTube videos begin, sometimes.

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Not reigning in your kids

Sure, kids misbehave, it’s going to happen now and then. But if you’re the parent who doesn’t put a check on them when they get unruly, then this point is for you.

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Leaving items in random places

The fact that people find items of all sorts in various places when in the store is appalling. Is it that much of a hardship to put something back in its proper place? It’s a rhetorical question.

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Sampling packaged food

Unless it’s brought out as an actual sample, then don’t bother opening it. Places like Costco offer free samples as part of the experience, and other stores do the same with promotional products. But otherwise, no.

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Eating while you’re shopping

You’ve likely seen people walking around eating bunches of grapes, twinkies, or even corn dogs. For kids this isn’t such a bad thing, just remember to pay. But for adults? Come on, you know better.

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Being rude to employees or fellow shoppers

Your time isn’t more important than anyone else’s, just remember that. If you want to be rude, pick another store, or learn sustainable living at home. The grocery store is not your plaything.

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Remaining in the store after closing

Most stores will make it clear that they’re about to close. If not, then the hours posted on the front door are a good indication of how long you have.

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It should go without saying that this isn’t a good thing. It’s rude simply because you’re messing with someone’s livelihood.

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Dropping items and not picking them up

It’s one thing if you drop an item and don’t realize it. But if you see it drop, pick it up. It might be someone else’s job, but it’s common courtesy.

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Ignoring items in the aisle

Like the point above, it’s not your job to clean up the store unless you work there. But if you notice something lying on the floor and can do something about it, go ahead and pick it up. The employees will appreciate it.

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Making unnecessary demands of the employees

Keep in mind that people working at the grocery store make minimum wage, and aren’t there to serve your EVERY need. If they can help, they’ll do so. If you abuse that privilege though, it’s not hard to think that they’ll find something else to do, somewhere else.


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