15 Comebacks For People Who Don’t Let You Get a Word In

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Sometimes it’s necessary to have at least 15 comebacks for people who don’t let you get a word in during a conversation. Still, try to be gentle.

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“You mind if I finish?”

As a means of cutting someone off this is an iffy proposition. But many comebacks for people trying to get a word in are going to sound a little edgy.

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“As I was saying…”

Say it with authority and it’s fair to say that the other person will at least look at you in surprise. Comebacks for people trying to get a word in need to sound a little rough, otherwise they don’t work.

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“Hold on a second.”

This also doesn’t work unless you can inject a bit of authority into your voice.  A dedicated talker will continue talking unless you can put a roadblock in their verbal path.

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“What’s your opinion on the topic?”

This will likely allow a bit of dignity to the person you’re talking to. It keeps them involved without reminding them that they’re an annoying bore.

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“Oh, are you still talking?”

Yes, this is a thing. When one person in the conversation continues to drone on, you need to remind them that your patience has limits.

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“Is it loud in here or is it just you?”

On the subject of using rude and petty gestures to get the other person’s attention, this works. It has the effect, on many people, of stopping them in their tracks for a moment.

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“I don’t think you’re hearing me.”

This can lead to an argument or a moment of blessed silence. Once that happens you can step in and speak your peace.

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“Relax, you’ll get a chance.”

Many motormouths don’t want to hear this since their point is something that needs saying now. But it’s not a bad thing to teach them a little patience is a virtue.

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Continue talking. 

This is kind of like two rams running at each other head-on. It’s a matter of who’s going to make the best argument or who’s going to tire first.

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Stop talking and fold your arms.

Body gestures say a lot. Sometimes a lowering of the chin along with crossing your arms can indicate that you’re paying attention, or growing impatient.

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Walk away.

It’s blunt but effective. Where other methods don’t work that well all the time, this one does cut off the conversation.

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Wait for them to pause, then say, “Are you done?”

Some folks are going to get mad when you do this, but that’s fine. It lets them know that you were waiting and that they’re a little long-winded.

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Bring it to their attention. 

No one wants to hear that they’re a blowhard, so try a bit of tact when saying this. It’s not impossible to show some sense of grace.

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Repeat their words. 

Having their words parroted back at them does infuriate some people. But at the very least, it makes them aware of how ridiculous they sound sometimes.

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Start questioning them.

It halts people in their tracks and forces their gears to grind. It’s a petty pleasure, but it works.


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