10 Most Popular Hot Sauces

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The 10 most popular hot sauces aren’t always the hottest of the bunch, but you can bet that your tongue will be stinging. After all, it’s not a hot sauce if you don’t feel the heat.

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The SHU score on this first entry isn’t that bad at 4k. It’s the type of condiment you use when you want a little flavor, but not all the heat.

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The SHU on this sauce is lower than the previous entry at 900, but it’s a blend of ingredients that’s nice enough to earn a slightly higher spot. It’s middle of the road for the best, but far above the rest.

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Louisiana Hot Sauce

The thing about hot sauces is that if you like pain, you’ll go for the higher SHU. If you want to taste your food, and anything else afterward, 450 is weak but it’s tasty.

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There’s no well-established SHU to pass around for this one, at least none that’s been found. But it’s said that it’s similar to Frank’s, so it’s not incredibly weak and is great to put on anything.

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Ah, back to a classic that many people know about. It’s almost like the Swiss army knife of hot sauces since it gets tossed on anything you can think of a lot of times.

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A favorite of many restaurants, Tapatio is around 3k SHU and has a definite citrus flavor to it. If you’re ever on the West Coast, you’ll find this in a lot of eateries.

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Texas Pete

This is another classic that people love. At 750 SHU it’s not too bad and adds a zesty punch to a lot of foods.

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This bumps up the heat at 3.6k SHU, but a lot of diners love it. Some people enjoy the heat and don’t see it as a detriment to their taste buds.

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Huy Fong Sriracha 

Who says that hot sauces have to be Mexican? This favorite sauce has seen a huge resurgence in the past few decades as more and more people have found it appetizing and a must-have on the dinner table.

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Frank’s RedHot

There’s a reason why this sauce is at the top, and it has to do with the fact that it’s the most popular sauce with a great marketing campaign. Okay, it has a great taste to it as well, even though it’s a little milder than what the package indicates.


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