The Top 15 Authentic Italian Restaurants In America

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Ciao, fellow foodies! Are you ready to take a mouth-watering journey to the heart of Italy without leaving the shores of America? Take a bite out of Italy as we explore the 15 best old-school Italian restaurants nationwide. From oh-so-yummy pasta dishes to decadent desserts, these eateries have mastered the art of Italian cuisine, serving authentic flavors that will transport you straight to Nonna’s kitchen.

Lombardi’s Pizza – New York City, New York

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Imagine you’re strolling through the streets of Little Italy, the aroma of freshly baked pizza tickling your nose. That’s exactly what you’ll find at Lombardi’s Pizza, America’s first pizzeria. Since 1905, Lombardi’s has been slinging pies topped with gooey cheese and zesty tomato sauce, all cooked to perfection in a coal-fired brick oven. The atmosphere? Think cozy and rustic, with red-checkered tablecloths and laughter filling the air. Oh, and did I mention their signature dish? The iconic Margherita pizza – simple yet oh-so-satisfying.

Casa di Amore – Las Vegas, Nevada

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Famous for its generous portions, Casa di Amore ensures that guests leave satisfied and with leftovers to enjoy later. From hearty pasta dishes to oversized steaks and seafood platters, the menu offers something for everyone, including those with big appetites. In addition to its delicious food, Casa di Amore boasts an impressive selection of signature cocktails and fine wines. Guests can sip on martinis, negronis, and other classic drinks while enjoying the lively ambiance.

Carbone – New York City, New York

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Welcome to Carbone, the Michelin-starred eatery famous for its hearty pasta and seafood portions, all served in a retro-chic setting that’ll transport you back to the Rat Pack era. Picture dim lighting, plush leather booths, and a soundtrack of Frank Sinatra crooning in the background. And the food? Let’s just say you’ll want to loosen your belt a notch or two. Don’t miss their signature menu item– the spicy rigatoni vodka – a creamy, fiery concoction guaranteed to set your taste buds on fire.

Mama’s Fish House – Paia, Hawaii

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Who says you can’t find authentic Italian cuisine in paradise? At Mama’s Fish House in Hawaii, you’ll discover a taste of Italy with a tropical twist. Picture yourself dining at the beachside, with panoramic ocean views and a scent of salty sea air in the breeze. Mama’s is the talk of the town for its fresh seafood dishes, like the ono ravioli – delicate pasta stuffed with tender fish and smothered in a creamy lobster sauce.

Gibson’s Italia – Chicago, Illinois

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Say hello to Gibson’s Italia, the sleek and stylish place that offers a modern take on Italian cuisine with food that is as beautiful to look at as it is delicious to eat. Imagine floor-to-ceiling windows, contemporary decor, and a vibrant, infectious energy. Warning: Don’t leave without trying their bucatini carbonara, thick pasta tubes tossed with crispy pancetta and a creamy egg sauce.

North Italia – Phoenix, Arizona

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North Italia offers a fresh, modern take on Italian classics with handcrafted pasta and artisanal pizzas. The squid ink mafaldine is their signature dish, with tender pasta ribbons tossed in a rich seafood ragu. Their moderate pricing adds a cherry on top, with pasta options averaging $20.

Angelini Osteria – Los Angeles, California

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Step inside, and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a quaint village in Tuscany, with exposed wooden beams and soft candlelight creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. But it’s the food that steals the show here. Don’t miss their tagliolini al limone – delicate strands of pasta bathed in a tangy lemon sauce that will leave you craving more.

Bottega – Birmingham, Alabama

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Bottega is a renowned eatery led by acclaimed Chef Frank Stitt. The restaurant takes farm-to-table dining to a whole new level, sourcing fresh produce, meats, and ingredients from local farms to create dishes that burst with flavor and seasonal goodness. Guests can savor unique dishes like Grilled Lamb Chops, Gnocchi al Forno, and Lemon Panna Cotta and leave with a happy tummy.

A16 – San Francisco, California

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A16 brings the flavors of Naples to the Bay Area with authentic Neapolitan pizzas and house-made salumi. Their Margherita pizza is a crowd-pleaser, with a thin, chewy crust and tangy San Marzano tomatoes. With the aroma of wood-fired pizzas filling the air, the place is warm and welcoming and is perfect for dining with friends and family.

Spiaggia – Chicago, Illinois


If you’re looking for a fine dining experience that’s truly unforgettable, look no further than Spiaggia in Chicago. This elegant and sophisticated restaurant, led by award-winning Chef Tony Mantuano, is the definition of refined Italian cuisine. Their most liked dish is delicate potato dumplings smothered in tomato sauce and gooey mozzarella, known as gnocchi alla sorrentina.

Carmine’s – New York City, New York

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When it comes to classic Italian-American fare, Carmine’s in New York City is the place to be. This bustling and vibrant eatery is known for its family-style portions and hearty meals that are perfect for sharing. The eatery features colorful murals, communal dining tables, and laughter filling the air. If you like chicken and cheese, their chicken parmigiana is the perfect option – tender chicken cutlets smothered in marinara sauce and melted mozzarella.

Mozza – Los Angeles, California

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From Hollywood actors to renowned chefs, Mozza is a favorite dining destination for those seeking top-notch Italian cuisine in a stylish setting. The food here is exceptional as Chef Matt Molina, who helms the kitchen at Mozza, has received the James Beard Award for his culinary prowess and innovative approach to Italian cuisine. This place is also renowned for its exceptional cheese selection, thanks to co-owner Nancy Silverton’s expertise as a cheese connoisseur.

Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana – New Haven, Connecticut

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If you’re a pizza lover, you won’t want to miss Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana. This iconic restaurant is known for its coal-fired pizzas and authentic Italian flavors, with thin, crispy crusts and toppings that’ll make your mouth water. One of the local favorites is their white clam pizza with fresh clams, garlic, and grated cheese.

Tony’s Pizza Napoletana – San Francisco, California

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Tony’s Pizza Napoletana offers one of the best marinara pizzas. With its modern interior, friendly service, moderate pricing, and lively ambiance, this place tops the list as the best pizzeria for your pizza cravings.

Antico Pizza Napoletana – Atlanta, Georgia

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Antico Pizza Napoletana is a taste of Naples in the heart of Atlanta, with genuine Neapolitan-style pizzas and a bustling atmosphere. Their pizza Margherita D.O.P. is certified by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, featuring San Marzano tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, and fresh basil.


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