The Only Good Sandwich Chains Out There


The only good sandwich chains out there are typically those who don’t rely on gimmicks to sell their product. Plus, they use fresh ingredients more often than not.

Mendocino Farms

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The word ‘farms’ is great to hear when talking about sandwich chains since people think farm and they think fresh. Not only that, but it does sound as though they take the time to find the best product for their consumers, which is usually greatly appreciated.

Firehouse Subs


Fast-food sandwich chains have a lot of people thinking of Subway still and with a groan to top the thought off. But with Firehouse Subs those who live in Jacksonville are confident that they’re getting the best.



The name alone is a reason why a lot of people who have had the experience love this place. However, the quality control exhibited by this chain is great enough that many people are hoping to see more locations spring up as the years go by.

Panera Bread


You can’t go to a lot of places, cities especially, without seeing a Panera Bread along the way or in the city you’re visiting. It’s still new compared to some sandwich chains, but it’s considered one of the best at this time.


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Can you believe this chain was dwindling a while back? Now it’s a dominant force serving fresh food to its customers and making sure its legacy is secure.

Pret a Manger


It’s interesting to see this British-based chain do so well in America. But according to their adherence to quality, it’s not tough at all to wonder why people took so well to their food.

Jason’s Deli


It’s not one of the larger sandwich chains, but Jason’s Deli is still impressive since it’s located in 28 states. Plus, focusing on fresh and wholesome ingredients is greatly appreciated by the customers.

McAlister’s Deli


It’s hard to think of a large sandwich chain as humble, but McAlaster’s pulls it off. One great way to keep people coming back is to use the best ingredients and maintain that type of quality.

Jimmy John’s

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As one of the sandwich chains that has a great deal of marketing gimmicks behind it, one might expect Jimmy John’s to be kind of lower quality. But ask a customer that question and you’ll probably be told that this place is one of the best around.

Jersey Mike’s


The name atop this list might change one day since that’s how it goes in the food industry. But for now, Jersey Mike’s is enjoying the top spot in the minds of many people when it comes to sandwich chains.


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