The Best Pizzerias for Families in Every State


Are you searching for the perfect spot to relax and share a meal with your loved ones? This list showcases the best pizzerias across every state, great for all ages. With choices ranging from classic cheese to original toppings, a slice from one of these top pizzerias could quickly become your new favorite. Why not visit one of these family-friendly places and start a new dining tradition?v

Alabama: Joe’s Pizza, Birmingham

Eden, Janine and Jim/Wikimedia

Joe’s Pizza’s comforting mood and kid-friendly menu are a hit among Birmingham families. Its spacious layouts and play areas ensure your little ones are happily occupied. Diners particularly love the classic Margherita and the hearty meat lover’s pizza, which makes Joe’s a popular venue for birthday parties with customizable pizza-making activities for children.

Alaska: Moose’s Tooth Pub and Pizzeria, Anchorage


The array of creative pizzas, such as the vintage Avalanche and adventurous Bear Tooth, keeps residents returning to Moose’s Tooth Pub and Pizzeria in Anchorage. The venue’s decor themes celebrate the Alaskan wilderness. Staff friendliness improves meals for children who receive crayons and paper, turning their eating time into an imaginative activity.

Arizona: Pizzicletta, Flagstaff

Angel Schatz/Wikimedia

Pizzicletta in Flagstaff, Arizona, is a top choice for its welcoming environment and wood-fired pizzas. An artisanal approach brings local components to the forefront, while options for those avoiding gluten and quick service make mealtime with toddlers stress-free. The panoramic mountain views from the terrace tables enhance the ambiance at this picturesque spot.

Arkansas: The Rail Yard, Little Rock

The Rail Yard LR/Facebook

Families flock to The Rail Yard in Little Rock for its spacious outdoor seating and diverse food offerings. With its lively tone and food trucks, this establishment is well-known for its crisp, delicious pizzas, perfect for sharing. Live music often adds to the family-specific vibe. Dedication to excellence and community is evident in every slice.

California: Tony’s Pizza Napoletana, San Francisco


Situated in San Francisco’s North Beach, Tony’s Pizza Napoletana has a diverse menu that includes world-champion pizzas. Options catering to gluten-free and vegan diets make it a hit across all preferences. Interactive pizza-making classes provide a fun, educational tone for kids. Courteous staff and a bustling setup ensure a memorable visit every time.

Colorado: Beau Jo’s, Idaho Springs

Stephen Butler/Wikimedia

Immerse yourself in the heartwarming mountain town of Idaho Springs and create new dining traditions at Beau Jo’s. Celebrated for its Colorado-style mountain pies, this pizzeria grants a scenic backdrop to your hearty pizza selections. Youngsters adore the honey served with crusts, a tradition that beckons families back.

Connecticut: Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana, New Haven


Visitors at Frank Pepe’s in New Haven relish the coal-fired, thin-crust pizzas, especially the famous white clam pie. Large communal tables comfortably accommodate groups, and its bustling, historical feel adds charm to one of America’s oldest pizzerias. A solid commitment to heritage and quality makes each visit a delightful experience for pizza lovers of all ages.

Delaware: Grotto Pizza, Rehoboth Beach

Ron Shawley/Wikipedia

Grotto Pizza in Rehoboth Beach greets people in an amiable setup. The legendary pizzas feature a distinctive swirl of sauce that captures everyone’s interest. An arcade area provides additional entertainment, and the beachside location makes it an ideal stop after a sunny day at the beachside.

Florida: Flippers Pizzeria, Kissimmee

Michel Curi/Openverse

Acclaimed for its fresh, handcrafted pizzas baked in a brick oven, Flippers Pizzeria in Kissimmee has been a go-to place since 1987. Their inviting decorations are matched with extensive selections with various garnishes to suit all tastes. The pizzeria also hosts weekly family nights, offering games and activities that entertain the younger guests.

Georgia: Antico Pizza Napoletana, Atlanta


Thanks to the open kitchen layout, visitors at Antico Pizza Napoletana in Atlanta enjoy watching their pizzas being made. The communal arrangement enhances the lively setting, encouraging interaction and sharing among patrons. Premium raw materials and quick service guarantee a delightful, hassle-free outing.

Hawaii: Pizza Corner, Ko Olina

Pizza Corner Hawaii/Facebook

A relaxed vibe welcomes all at Pizza Corner in the scenic Ko Olina resort area. The Hawaiian-inspired add-ons are famous, and the Kid’s Pizza Making Class is an engaging, educational activity while the elders take in the stunning sunset views. Using fresh, regional components guarantees each pizza is full of flavor.

Idaho: Flying Pie Pizzeria, Boise

Flying Pie Pizzaria/Facebook

At Flying Pie Pizzeria in Boise, imaginative add-ons and a fun vibe engage younger ones and adults. Themed nights like ‘It’s Your Day’ celebrate citizens with free pizza, securing its place as a locality choice. Interactive pizza-making sessions for kids are top-rated, encouraging creativity and a passion for cooking.

Illinois: Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria, Chicago

Ken Lund/Wikipedia

Lou Malnati’s popular spot in Chicago promises delicious deep-dish pizza and a lovely locale for families steeped in rich history. Rave reviews often highlight the buttery, flaky crust and lush mozzarella, while the attentive staff ensures a pleasant outing. Moreover, the family portraits on the walls reflect the pizzeria’s deep societal ties.

Indiana: Bazbeaux Pizza, Indianapolis


An artistic and quirky setting attracts families to Bazbeaux Pizza in the heart of Indianapolis. With a vegan and gluten-free selection, everyone finds something to relish. The expansive deck has an outdoor arrangement, establishing it as a fabulous hangout zone for summer dining and enjoying the region’s radiant atmosphere.

Iowa: Wig & Pen Pizza Pub, Iowa City

The Wig & Pen Pizza Pub – IC/Facebook

Residents cherish Wig & Pen Pizza Pub in Iowa City, where booth seating emphasizes privacy, from its 1994 opening onward. Noted for its “Flying Tomato” pizza, the diner has a kids’ menu with mini pizzas and spaghetti. Special events like family nights with games and discounts add even more appeal.

Kansas: Papa Keno’s Pizzeria, Overland Park

Papa Keno’s Pizzeria – Lawrence/Facebook

Papa Keno’s in Overland Park has been serving giant, New York-style slices since 1991, apt for family sharing. Chalkboard walls let youngsters unleash their creativity, and the pizzeria’s laid-back atmosphere provides a relaxed dining choice. New and exciting tastes are introduced regularly through the ‘Slice of the Day.’ Parents particularly appreciate the attentive care that accommodates young diners with ease.

Kentucky: Goodfellas Pizzeria, Lexington

Goodfellas Pizzeria – Distillery District/Facebook

In Lexington, Goodfellas Pizzeria captivates people with its unique 1920s gangster-themed aura. Smiley-face pepperoni pizzas delight the kids, and the spacious seating comfortably accommodates families. Classic Margherita pizza remains a favorite among regulars, revered for its authentic thin crust. Additionally, the pizzeria features a selection of craft beers for parents to savor.

Louisiana: Louisiana Pizza Kitchen French Quarter, New Orleans

Infrogmation of New Orleans/Wikimedia

Bringing a unique twist to traditional pizza, Louisiana Pizza Kitchen French Quarter incorporates native Cajun flavors. This New Orleans staple, founded in 1992, is a family-centric venue famous for its dynamic setting and an assortment tailored to younger guests, featuring regional favorites like crawfish pizza. In addition to its innovative pizzas, the diner is also acclaimed for its commitment to sustainability, using only biodegradable packaging.

Maine: Otto, Portland

OTTO (Read Street, Portland ME)/Facebook

Otto in Portland has standout add-ons such as mashed potato, bacon, and scallion, maintaining its popularity after launching in 2009. Young ones enjoy the crayon corner, contributing to the welcoming vibe. Ensuring that only fresh and locally sourced ingredients are used, each pizza served is a delectable treat. Seasonal specials, such as the pumpkin and ricotta pizza, draw seasonal crowds eager for new flavors.

Maryland: Ledo Pizza, College Park


Ledo Pizza has delighted the College Park society with its phenomenal rectangular pizzas since 1955. Recognized for its homemade tomato sauce and freshly rolled dough, the pizzeria maintains a consistent taste that keeps people coming back. Pepperoni pizza, with its generous garnishes, is a top-rated pick. The nostalgic furnishings, with vintage pizza paraphernalia, add to the charm and history of the place.

Massachusetts: Regina Pizzeria, Boston


Families have been enjoying Regina Pizzeria, located in Boston’s historic North End, since 1926. Children favor the ‘Melanzane’ pizza for its rich and cheesy eggplant topping. Regina’s also has a selection of homemade pasta, providing options for those wanting something different.

Michigan: Buddy’s Pizza, Detroit

Dwight Burdette/Wikipedia

Founded in 1946, Buddy’s Pizza is acclaimed for introducing square Sicilian-style pizza to the area. A casual, amiable feel and the signature Motor City cheese blend make each pizza special. Family night events featuring balloon artists and face painting are a big hit, and Buddy’s commitment to charities resonates well with society-oriented patrons.

Minnesota: Punch Neapolitan Pizza, St. Paul

Tony Webster/Wikimedia

Opening its doors in 1996, Punch Neapolitan Pizza in St. Paul quickly became famous for authentic Neapolitan pizzas baked in high-temperature wood-fired ovens. Add-ons such as the Margherita Extra, with fresh mozzarella from Italy and dynamic seasonal elements, keep the menu interesting. The warm, inviting decor makes families feel right at home.

Mississippi: Sal & Mookie’s New York Pizza and Ice Cream Joint, Jackson

Scott M. Crawford/Facebook

Featuring more than just pizza, Sal & Mookie’s in Jackson is also a place where families can indulge in homemade ice cream. Established in 2007, this popular spot in Jackson has become a top pick for families with its homemade ice cream and arcade game selections. Sal & Mookie’s has cooking classes for children on weekends, teaching them the basics of pizza and ice cream preparation.

Missouri: Imo’s Pizza, St. Louis

Paul Sableman/Wikimedia

Imo’s Pizza in St. Louis, renowned for its Provel cheese-topped thin-crust pizza dating back to 1964, remains a culinary icon. A dedicated kids’ play area and menu items tailored for younger guests enhance the family-centric environment. Imo’s generous community involvement includes fundraising events and school programs, making it a cherished part of the neighborhood.

Montana: North Fork Pizza, Columbia Falls

North Fork Pizza/Facebook

A gem for pizza lovers, North Fork Pizza in Columbia Falls provides quality pies in a rustic setting. The pizzeria has been sought-after for its delectable wood-fired pizzas and family-friendly tone for nearly three decades. Each pizza is named after regional landmarks and historical figures, adding a unique personal touch to the menu.

Nebraska: Zio’s Pizzeria, Omaha


Zio’s Pizzeria in Omaha serves New York-style pizza, with dough made fresh daily and a sauce from a family recipe. An extensive menu ensures something for everyone, and arcade games are a hit with kids. Vibrant murals depicting New York City scenes enhance the dining encounter, and Zio’s active participation in local fundraising efforts strengthens its neighborhood ties.

Nevada: Settebello Pizzeria Napoletana, Las Vegas


Capturing the essence of Italian dining, Settebello Pizzeria Napoletana in Las Vegas offers VPN-certified Neapolitan pizzas, a tradition that began in 2005. A lively yet comfortable atmosphere suits families well. Ingredients imported from Italy ensure authenticity and quality, while the gelato bar delights kids. Special family dining packages provide great value with an assortment of pizzas and desserts for a complete meal.

New Hampshire: 900 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria, Manchester

900 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria/Facebook

900 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria in Manchester, opened in 2007, has gained popularity for its authentic wood-fired pizzas. An intimate and cozy dining environment makes it perfect for families. Gluten-free options ensure that everyone can appreciate the offerings, and the monthly specials introduce new, intriguing flavors to regular patrons.

New Jersey: Federici’s Family Restaurant, Freehold

Federici’s Family Restaurant/Facebook

A regional favorite in Freehold, known for its thin-crust pizzas perfect for sharing, has been delighting locals since 1921. Its inviting appeal and rich historical background attract families. The venue has kid-friendly dining choices, and the occasional live music event charms it.

New Mexico: Dion’s Pizza, Albuquerque

John Phelan/Wikipedia

Set up in 1978, Pizza in Albuquerque offers a casual dining experience that families cherish. The diner, known for its wide variety of pizza toppings and speedy service, also offers an educational program that teaches kids about healthy eating and the art of pizza making. Play areas and friendly staff make every visit enjoyable.

New York: John’s of Times Square, New York City

John’s of Times Square/Facebook

Located in a converted historic church, John’s of Times Square has been a must-visit destination, becoming operational in 1997. It is esteemed for its unique ambiance and classic New York-style pizza. Families are drawn to the visually striking interior and the consistently delicious pizzas.

North Carolina: Lilly’s Pizza, Raleigh

Lilly’s Pizza/Facebook

Offering a health-conscious menu that appeals to families, this Raleigh eatery has been committed to organic and homegrown elements since 1993. Creative pizza names and vibrant, artistic decor engage both kids and adults. Specials like the ‘Daredevil’ pizza and spicy add-ons are a bold treat for adventurous eaters.

North Dakota: Rhombus Guys Pizza, Fargo

Rhombus Guys/Facebook

Known for its inventive pizza toppings and dynamic atmosphere, this Fargo favorite has drawn families since its establishment in 2002. The rooftop dining option offers a fun setting for meals. Regular pizza-making workshops for kids help foster a love for culinary arts in young patrons.v

Ohio: Adriatico’s New York Style Pizza, Columbus

Adriatico’s Pizza Columbus/Facebook

This pizzeria started its tradition in 1986. Serving generous, cheesy slices that have become a legend in the Columbus community, it offers a cozy, laid-back setting where families can relax and enjoy their meals. Monthly pizza challenges and discounts encourage societal engagement and enhance the dining experience.

Oklahoma: Hideaway Pizza, Stillwater


Established in 1957, Hideaway Pizza in Stillwater has become a landmark for pizza lovers seeking a fun, family-accommodative environment. The pizzeria has a wide range of toppings, the iconic ‘Big Country’ pizza, and annual pizza-eating contests that thrill participants and spectators.

Oregon: Apizza Scholls, Portland

Another Believer/Wikipedia 

Celebrated for serving some of Portland’s finest pizzas, Apizza Scholls has been a preferred choice since 2005. The pizzeria prides itself on using high-quality ingredients and offers a cozy space for family dining. Hosting art and music events creates a welcoming and creative ambiance for visitors of all ages.

Pennsylvania: Pica’s Restaurant, Upper Darby

Pica’s Restaurant, Upper Darby/Facebook

Debuting in 1941, Pica’s Restaurant in Upper Darby became famous for its unique rectangular pizzas and family-oriented outings. The upstairs dining room has a quieter scene perfect for families, and homemade pasta complements the pizza menu, providing various dining options.

Rhode Island: Al Forno, Providence

Brad Seehawer/Facebook

Known for inventing grilled pizza in 1980, Al Forno in Providence promises a gourmet twist to the traditional pizza experience. Families appreciate Riverside views and a seasonal menu featuring locally sourced ingredients. Popular draws are cooking classes for kids and parents, blending education with culinary fun.

South Carolina: La Pizzeria, Charleston

La Pizzeria/Facebook

Serving authentic Italian pizzas with a Southern twist, La Pizzeria in Charleston uses locally sourced materials wherever possible. From its inception in 2004, the warm, inviting decor and the aroma of fresh pizza have attracted families seeking an authentic taste of Italy. Specials like seafood pizza are top-rated among residents. 

South Dakota: Firehouse Brewing Co., Rapid City

Nick Amoscato/Wikimedia

Since 1991, Firehouse Brewing Co. in Rapid City has been housed in a converted firehouse. It features a selection of craft beers and pizzas. Its family-oriented menu pairs excellently with house-made root beer, while historical memorabilia throughout the restaurant enchants visitors of all ages.

Tennessee: Five Points Pizza, Nashville

Five Points Pizza/Facebook

A popular spot in Nashville, Five Points Pizza has welcomed pizza lovers since 2011 with its handcrafted pies and relaxed feel. The garlic knots are nearly as renowned as the pizzas, and a late-night slice window allows for straightforward enjoyment of treats. A focus on community involvement is a critical aspect of its popularity.

Texas: Home Slice Pizza, Austin

Home Slice Pizza/Facebook

Home Slice Pizza in Austin, opened in 2005, garners acclaim for its New York-style pizza and vibrant, funky vibe. The annual pizza tossing competition is a significant event beloved by locals and tourists. A particular area for families ensures parents can unwind as they enjoy high-quality, well-crafted pizzas.

Utah: The Pie Pizzeria, Salt Lake City

The Pie Pizzeria – South Salt Lake/Facebook

Launched in 1980, The Pie Pizzeria in Salt Lake City is notable for its deep-dish pizzas and vibrant ambiance. Guests appreciate the underground ambiance, highlighted by customer graffiti, which adds to the eclectic space. A menu catering to various tastes includes choices for those with gluten sensitivity.

Vermont: American Flatbread, Burlington

American Flatbread Burlington Hearth/Facebook

In Burlington, American Flatbread has been serving wood-fired pizzas since 1985, using organic and locally sourced ingredients. A warm, rustic backdrop invites families to relish a meal in a comfortable environment. Seasonal specials use nearby crops to offer fresh and new tastes all year.

Virginia: Benny Marzano’s, Blacksburg

Smash the Iron Cage/Wikimedia

Famed for its colossal slices, Benny Marzano’s has been a Blacksburg fixture since 2011. The restaurant captures the essence of the iconic Virginia slice with a nostalgic aura reminiscent of classic pizzerias. Its oversized pizzas are ideal for family gatherings, and regular community events solidify its reputation as a local favorite.

Washington: Serious Pie, Seattle

Another Believer/Wikipedia

Serious Pie in Seattle, created in 2007, features a sophisticated take on pizza with gourmet toppings and a one-of-a-kind cold-fermented dough. The bustling yet cozy atmosphere is ideal for family dining, and the open kitchen allows patrons to watch as their pizzas are crafted. Monthly specials introduce new flavors for those interested in experimenting.

West Virginia: Pies & Pints, Fayetteville

Pies and Pints Pizzeria/Facebook

Pies & Pints in Fayetteville, which opened in 2003, offers a creative array of pizzas and a vast selection of craft beers. Families appreciate the hospitable service and the kid-friendly menu, which includes options such as the mouth-watering Chicken Gouda pizza. Artwork by resident artists decorates the walls.

Wisconsin: Ian’s Pizza, Madison


Commencing its operations in 2001, Ian’s Pizza in Madison quickly made a name for itself with innovative toppings, like the renowned Mac n’ Cheese pizza. The casual and vibrant locale appeals to families, while monthly neighborhood events and a commitment to local produce reinforce Ian’s role as a community cornerstone.

Wyoming: Pinky G’s Pizzeria, Jackson

Pinky G’s/Facebook

Pinky G’s Pizzeria in Jackson is notable for its vibrant ambiance and eclectic pizza choices, including the irresistible Buffalo Chicken pizza. Opened in 2011, it quickly became a local favorite, with families thronging for its heartwarming hospitality and engaging décor. The themed trivia nights for all ages add to the fun and entertainment.


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