The Ten Biggest Food Trends of 2015


Food, believe it or not, is actually trendy. Of course, in a world like the one we currently live in when color is trendy, baby names are trendy and parenting styles are considered trendy (because we should all parent our children the trendy way rather than the common sense way, right?) it shouldn’t surprise any of us to know that sometimes food is just as trendy as shoes or anything else you might have in your life at any given moment. In the past we’ve seen food trends that include things like eating only organic, making your own baby food and spending hours in the kitchen to make the same things you can buy for less than a dollar and many others. So what’s in store for food in 2015? What’s going to be the biggest trend in food this year? We just have to know so we can rush to the store to stock up on something we might not like or even really want just so we can post photos to our social media accounts on board the new and improved kale trend. The wait is over, trend-lovers; here is a list of the biggest food trends in 2015.

Healthy but Unhealthy

Gone are the days when carbs were so last year and people did not anything that had fat in it. Instead, people are more into eating fats and carbs, but they’re eating the good ones. Why? Because someone said that they’re healthy and necessary and someone else decided that they were cool enough to market to people so they’d buy them.


Apparently farmers are finding new oyster beds all over the place and the market is good for them. This is also good for me. I’m going to tell you that I am in love with oysters on the half shell and I can never find them anywhere. Hopefully this new trend is going to make it easier for me to find oysters all over the place that I can enjoy since so many people are calling them a new trend.

Plain Packaging

Someone decided that simple is better and now everyone is going simple with their packaging. Expect to find yourself drawn to foods that are labeled simply and specifically in a manner that makes them appear almost bland. This is going to be the new ‘in’ thing for the New Year. But just think about how clean and organize your fridge and pantry are going to end up like this.

Foodie Meals Made Simple

Many of us want to be foodies, but we don’t have the time. We do have lives and we can’t always go home and create a gourmet meal in about a second. So bakeries, delis and service areas in supermarkets are doing it for us. They’re creating ready-made meals fit for a foodie that we can pretend we created on our own after cooking.


They’re good for us and they’re simple to turn into complete meals and snacks, so people are all over this protein movement. Expect to see a lot of beans in a lot of ways this year. We are actually kind of excited to see how the masses are going to make this one work and in how many ways we can now eat these healthy little items.

Anything Fermented

It sounds gross, unless you love wine, which is made from fermented grapes. But no, wine is not becoming an even bigger trend than it already is and it’s not being called a new food group (what a shame). However, it seems that people are in love with the idea of eating fermented foods, so the industry is coming up with as many different fermented items as possible and making sure that people fall right in love with them, too. Expect a lot of fermentation in your future.


It’s going to be big, and we can thank Pinterest-like snack food ideas for this. Different textures in one package are making a huge splash in the world of food and eating this year, and you can expect to make some of these purchases for yourself if you find the need to buy things that are not the norm.

Clear Labeling

This is essentially the art of making the labels and ingredients on any given package look so clear and clean that they just look healthier. They don’t even have to be healthier they just have to look healthier so that they attract more buyers. When people are eating ‘clean,’ they feel good about themselves, and this is just one of the biggest trends of the year to occur.

Portable Snacks

It’s nice to eat snacks on the run that are already made for you, but the new trend is that they are healthier and more en vogue. Gone are the cheese and cracker snacks we had in our childhood lunchboxes and in place of those are hummus and healthy crackers and other items that sort of mimic this example.

No More Personal Ordering

We love this. I can’t even tell you how excited my husband and I become when we go somewhere in which we can order our drinks and food on a tablet instead of face to face. Why? Because apparently we do not crave human interaction. No, really; we don’t. With infant twins and two older kids we are a spectacle and people want to talk, talk, talk to us all the time; especially waiters and waitresses. And as much as we love that people love our beautiful babies, they do forget that every dining experience outside of our home is a ticking time bomb. They’re all well-behaved and we rarely have issues in public, but that’s because we are fast. Fast, fast. And if we’re being slowed down playing 20 questions, we worry.

In all seriousness, however, this is going to become a very big trend this year, and we hope that it does it everywhere. The concept is great, we always have a great experience with it, and it’s going to make life easier.

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