Spooktacular Easy Dessert Recipes for Kids Just in Time for Halloween

ghost recipe for kids

Halloween is almost here, and that means you’re going to be spending some time in the kitchen making spooktacular treats with your kids. Sure, Pinterest is loaded with creepy crawly meals and snacks you can make this year to outdo Martha Stewart all the way around, but who has time for recipes with dozens of ingredients not found around the house when you’re working with kids? This year, skip the long list of things to buy and make one of these scary, spooky treats with your kids. We’ve rounded up three spooky and scary – but easy – dessert recipes for kids perfect for Halloween.

Scary Ghost Bites

All you need are long pretzel sticks, white chocolate and an edible black decorating pen from the baking aisle at the supermarket. Melt your white chocolate and let your kids dip the ends of their pretzel sticks into the chocolate until they resemble ghosts. Once those dry (sitting atop a piece of parchment paper on the counter for a few minutes) let the kids draw spooky faces on the ghosts before devouring them.

Eyeball Cupcakes

These are awesome. Buy a box of cake mix, bake them according to the instructions and let them cool. Next, give your kids some white frosting and let them decorate the tops of their cupcakes. When they’ve completed that task, they’ll need some M&Ms and some red decorator icing with a thin pointed decorating tip attached (you definitely already have these, or you can add them to the grocery list because they’re all on the same shelf in the baking aisle of any grocery store). Stick an M&M in the middle and draw some red squiggly lines around it to the ends of the white frosting and you have spooky Halloween eyeballs.

Cookie Graveyard

Your kids just need some oreos, some gummy worms and some wafer cookies with white frosting and black writing icing. Let them get busy (may we suggest doing this outside or with some newspaper on the floor beneath the counter for easy cleanup?) making a mess, oops, we mean graveyard, by crushing up their oreos and putting them in a glass pan so they look like dirt. Next, encourage them to bury their gummy worms in the “dirt” before decorating their cookies with white icing and black writing that says “RIP” and sticking them in the “dirt.” This is messy, but it’s fun and it’s one easy, spooky, scary, creative dessert idea for kids.

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