Simple Kitchen Tips for Any Cook

There are some who are amazing cooks and there are others (ahem…me) who simply aren’t that great in the kitchen as far as meals go. Being a great cook is something that many of us find difficult and even intimidating. It seems to be something that comes so naturally for some. However, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional cook or you cook like someone’s 4-year-old, these tips can only help you hone your inner cooking skills.

Chopping Herbs

Ever wonder why, when you cook, you can’t seem to chop herbs with the same ease and quickness of the professional chefs you see on television? Where there herbs are lovely and easily made into smaller pieces with a few slices of a big knife, yours are all over the place and you’ve made a giant mess. It’s because there’s a trick; you have to add a little coarse sea salt onto the cutting board before you chop your herbs. It will keep them in place and make the process smooth and simple.

Spice Storage

If you can’t figure out why your food simply isn’t flavorful when you cook, no matter how many spices you use, it’s probably your spice storage. Yes, it looks good to store your spices near or above your stove in pretty containers arranged just so. However, the heat and humidity make them lose their flavor.

That Garlic Smell

You love garlicky meals, but you hate the smell it leaves behind. Most of that smell is left on your knife and cutting board after you cut it and then spread all around your kitchen. Instead of making your whole meal smell like a clove of garlic, try putting your garlic in a Ziploc bag and smash the cloves inside the bag from outside with your knife. No garlic will end up smashed into either, making the smell less noticeable.

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