Reasons Sugar-Free Foods aren’t Always Free of Sugar

In modern times, Shakespeare might write that sugar by any other name is just as sweet and be absolutely correct. The problem is that most of us know sugar isn’t exactly amazing for our diets and our bodies, but we can’t help but consume it. Try as we might to avoid a sugar overload, it’s impossible for some people to lose weight and get in shape because they simply don’t realize that their sugar consumption is actually worse than they think. Why? Because sugar is often hidden in foods you love under names you don’t recognize.

Agave Nectar

This is a hard one for many to deal with, but agave nectar is just as bad for you as sugar because it is sugar. It’s a type of sweetener that’s very much like sugar, which means it’s bad for you. When food manufacturers choose not to put sugar in their foods, they choose instead to mask it as agave nectar to trick the masses into thinking it’s healthier than it actually is. Don’t be fooled.

High Fructose Corn Syrup

It causes weight gain and slows your metabolism. It’s used in soda and many other food items that need to be sweetened and it’s just like sugar. You might think that what you’re eating is a healthy, sugar-free substitute when it’s really nothing more than just a form of trickery designed to make you want to purchase this because it says it is sugar free.


Here’s the funny thing about sucanat. It’s actually sugar cane natural, which is sugar in the whole cane form. It’s actually not different than sugar at all, but many people don’t realize this. This causes them to choose to buy foods that contain sucanat precisely for the reason that it doesn’t contain sugar. It’s a common mistake you have to stop making.

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