A Delicious Raspberry Marble Cupcakes Recipe

With spring right around the corner it’s time to dust off my fruit filled cupcake recipes. I don’t know about you, but I almost always lean towards a fresh fruity type dessert rather than something rich and heavy in the warmer months. Make sure you save this recipe because it will be a hit at your picnics and bbq’s this summer! Even your friends who don’t love fruit type desserts will love this one.

This recipe is very easy. Start with your favorite vanilla cake recipe.  Here is my recipe for delicious and very easy homemade vanilla cupcakes that in my opinion are MUCH better than store bought cake mixes. Once you have your cake batter all mixed up simply swirl in raspberry pie filling right into the batter. You can make your own using this recipe or use canned pie filling, both will be delicious. Don’t over mix it though otherwise you will lose the marble effect. Bake according to the recipe instructions. It may take a few minutes longer so if they aren’t baked through put them back in the oven 1 minute at a time until they are cooked through. They are finished once a toothpick comes out with only crumbs on it and no wet batter.

Once they have cooled, frost them with vanilla frosting and decorate whoever you would like. I like to add a dot of raspberry filling on the top so that people know what they are. Here is my recipe for a delicious and easy homemade vanilla frosting that goes perfectly with these cupcakes.

Vanilla Frosting Recipe

4 oz. Cream Cheese 1 TBS Pure Vanilla Extract
2 sticks of butter 6-10 TBS. Milk
2 LBS Powdered sugar

Blend together softened butter, vanilla, and cream cheese until smooth and fluffy. Mix in 1C. of powdered sugar. Add 6 TBS of milk and mix well. Add the remainder of powdered sugar until blended well and completely smooth. Add more milk if needed. You can use a food scale from https://certifiedscale.com/rice-lake-weighing-systems-scales.html for accurate measurement of the ingredients.

Happy Baking!


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