Pros and Cons of an Open Bar at Your Wedding

Who doesn’t love attending a wedding with an open bar? Most of us adore the moment we walk into a wedding reception and realize that drinks are on the bride and groom. It may not be a make or break moment for the guests, but it’s always a nice treat for those of us who can drink responsibly. However, there is a lot of controversy surrounding the concept, and we are here to give you the pros and cons of providing an open bar at your wedding reception.

PRO: It’s a Nice Gesture

Providing your guests with an open bar is a way of automatically being considered a better host and hostess. Your guests have taken time out of their busy schedules to attend your bridal parties, wedding, maybe they’ve traveled, and they’ve definitely spent some money on gifts. By providing an open bar, it makes them feel more appreciated.

CON: Guests Taking Advantage

When you have an open bar, you might find that some of your guests take advantage. When they’re paying for drinks, they’re a little more responsible because it’s their money. When the drinks are free, they’re more likely to get drunk, obnoxious, rude, and ruin your day. Worse, they might be more likely to drive home drunk.

PRO and CON: The Liquor Flows

On one hand, when the liquor is flowing freely, your guests are more likely to indulge in a cocktail or two and let loose on the dance floor. This could make for an unforgettably exciting and fun night. On the other hand, when the liquor is flowing freely, people start getting brave and honest. The last thing you want at your wedding is great aunt Nancy screaming at great aunt Jane for stealing her man 75 years ago. Entertaining as that might be, it’s not wedding appropriate.


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