31 Overpriced Restaurants

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There are more than 31 overpriced restaurants out there, but some of them are a lot worse than others when it comes to cost. Going out to eat shouldn’t force someone to break the bank, especially given the economy and inflation right now.


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This is still a popular hangout spot, but with the type of pricing, it suggests something far nicer. as one of the most overpriced restaurants, it’s a place that feels as though it could dial down the prices a little.


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As one of the pizza places that tacks on a service charge for anything other than in-store pickup, Dominoes is an overpriced restaurant. Not only that, but most of what they serve a person can easily make at home.


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It does feel as though the overpriced restaurants of today were better before they were part of a chain. Once there was more than one restaurant, the quality went down in this place in a big way.

Cracker Barrel

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There was a time when this place sounded like a great place to go. But its slightly upscale reputation has slipped quite a bit over the years.


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This is a sandwich shop, plain and simple. A lot of restaurants don’t charge the kind of prices that Subway does these days, especially since some of the stuff they use is fairly cheap in bulk.

Burger King

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Burger King earned its title way back when, but that was then. Today, dropping well over sixty to seventy bucks on a meal for a family is way too rich for many people


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Once upon a time, KFC stood for great chicken and good prices. Now people are paying for what’s essentially crispy oil layered over small chunks of chicken.

Olive Garden

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Once or twice people have stated that this is the Taco Bell of Italian food, or something like that. The point is that breadsticks and salad don’t make up for the lackluster dishes that cost way too much.

Golden Corral

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Examine the word ‘corral’. They pack people in to feed from the same trough and charge a small fortune for the privilege.

Pizza Hut

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This used to stand out as one of the best pizza chains in the business. Their product was amazing, but over the years something slipped and they stopped producing the same quality.

Long John Silvers

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Greasy fish isn’t that big of a deal, since some greasy dishes are quite good. But the over-battered and mushy servings are not worth the price.

TGI Fridays

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This place was great as a hangout spot and somewhere to go when you and your friends needed a spot to chill. But now, the prices are too much and the atmosphere has changed in a big way.

Tim Horton’s

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It’s been a long time since anyone has said anything overwhelmingly positive about this place. If not for the coffee and donuts it might have survived to this point.


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Baby-back ribs, that’s what this place was so famous for at one time. Now, they’re not much more than a place where businessmen hang out because they can afford it.


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It’s confusing to think how anyone praised this place back when it started. It hasn’t changed much, and they still make a horrible Powerade slushie.


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High prices and food that’s nothing special make it tough to reason why this place is still in business. If the political issues it’s faced can’t take it down, can anything?


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Like a lot of places, McDonald’s was a great place at one time. Their $1 menu was excellent since you could fill up for cheap.

Taco Bell

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Taco Bell is not Mexican food, and this statement is backed by many people. Not only that, but it’s overpriced for what it is.

Panera Bread

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Not only does this place appear pretentious as hell, but its prices for bread products and other food items are ridiculous. It’s another place where people with money can sit and imagine that they’re eating responsibly.

Papa Johns

The first taste of Papa Johns is kind of intoxicating. Then you get to see the price and boy, can that snap you out of it.

Buffalo Wild Wings

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Your namesake dish must be the star of the restaurant. If not, then it proves that there’s little to no truth in advertising.

Ruby Tuesday

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The burgers in this place are like crepes made of meat. Not only that, but soggy fries don’t begin to make up for it.


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Things on TV usually look so much better. Seeing these roast beef sandwiches in real life makes a person want to cry for the shattered illusion.


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A lot of people swear by the square hamburgers and other menu items. The only question is: why? Now they are talking about implementing surge pricing similar to Uber. How about a reasonable price for a burger, fries and a Frosty?

Little Caesar’s

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Unlike many places on this list, Little Caesar’s doesn’t lay claim to a grandiose reputation. But that $5 pizza is still one of their main draws.


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How do you ruin a pizza? Better yet, how do you have the nerve to charge people for this type of thing?


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As a breakfast spot, this place is still okay. But as the reputation of a place, and the price, grows, the quality tends to lower just as quickly.

White Castle

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Honestly, it’s kind of tough to claim otherwise when stating that the Harold and Kumar movie helped this place more than anything. Since then it’s existed on the reputation as a place people go when they’re hungry and don’t care what they eat.

Carl’s Jr. 

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This place is interesting since some people love it and other people revile it. The one thing that a lot of people agree on is that it is one of the most overpriced restaurants.


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The food is not worth the price, simply put. It’s not the worst, but for what they charge, it’s not all that special.

Dunkin’ Donuts

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Be prepared to be shocked when you buy a cup of coffee from Dunkin’ and compare it to the cost of buying a pound of their ground coffee in the grocery store.


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