15 Mistakes Made by First-Time Drinkers


There are 15 mistakes made by first-time drinkers that are easy to avoid. They’re also rites of passage according to some.

Drinking anything


Don’t just drink anything, no matter if it tastes good. You might end up drinking something that doesn’t agree with you, and that will ruin your night.

Letting friends dictate where you drink


You can say no, even to friends. First-time drinkers often don’t want to sound prudish though, and will go along with their buddies.

Letting friends tell you what to drink


Seriously, pay attention to what your friends are trying to push on you. A shot here and there is fine, but shots followed by mixed drinks can present an issue.

Trying anything


Just because you see something that looks appealing doesn’t mean you need to try it…yet. Give yourself some time and experience a few things before going for the pretty colors or high price tags.

Mixing certain drinks


First-time drinkers might look at people downing one libation or another and think they can handle it. Yeah, don’t do this. Especially don’t try to mix beer and wine, or tequila, and…well, just about anything.

Not eating before drinking


Get something in your stomach, that’s one of the more important rules when it comes to eating. An empty stomach will make you get drunk quicker, but that’s not always a good thing.

Eating the wrong food before drinking


Avoid anything that’s going to come right back up when you drink. It could be that you have a cast-iron stomach that will accept anything, but why risk it?

Engaging in activity right after drinking


If you want to go dancing after you drink, that’s fine. But first-time drinkers should be aware that after drinking too much, your coordination and bodily functions will be impaired.

Not remaining aware of how much you’re drinking

Women Clinking glasses with alcohol and toasting, party on summer terrace cafe or restaurant

Yeah, counting your drinks sounds like something a prude would do, right? But the smart money is on realizing how much you’ve imbibed since that way you can realize how much it takes to get lit.

Letting a stranger buy you a drink


This is a big no-no in a lot of cases. True, you meet people at a bar and things could be fine. But buy your own drink until you get to know a person.

Not having your drink in your sight at all times


Anyone could put anything in your drink at any time. Keep your drink in hand, or at least in sight.

Trying to match someone drink for drink


First-time drinkers might be naturals at this pastime, but it’s still smarter to take it slow. Let your body acclimate and tell you in its own way how much you can handle.



This is typically when you have one or two drinks and then move on. Pub crawls are a lot of fun, so long as you pay attention to how much you’re drinking.

Passing out at a party


This is a major party foul and many first-time drinkers have learned to regret it. Not only are you drunk and passed out, but a lot of people will figure this is a time to get creative with a Sharpie.

Not realizing your limit


When you start feeling the effects of the alcohol, take note. Remember how many you had, what you had, and how quickly you were drinking. You don’t need to jot it down in a journal, but it pays to know what you can take.


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