How to Make French Toast like the Pros Do


French toast is a breakfast favorite. It’s delicious, wonderful and absolutely amazing when you wake up in the morning. The only problem is that some people don’t make it quite right. It’s always better when you take the time to make your French toast like the pros do, and it’s not that difficult. Here’s what you do:


4 eggs
¾ cup milk
Fresh sourdough bread
3 tbsp. brown sugar
1 tsp. nutmeg
1 tbsp. ground cinnamon


To start your prep, mix everything but your bread in a large bowl, beating the eggs into the mixture until it’s smooth and creamy. The next step is simple; just drop your bread into the mixture so that it is completely covered with the egg mixture.

To Cook

Spray a griddle or frying pan with cooking spray – be liberal. Turn it onto medium heat and stick your bread on it. Wait for it to brown nicely on each side so that you know it’s done. You want to make sure both sides are brown but not burnt. This is going to let you know the egg is fully cooked, because consuming undercooked egg is unhealthy and dangerous. The best way to serve your French toast is completely personal.

Some people like theirs with a little butter and syrup on top. Others like their French toast with a bit of powdered sugar sprinkled on top. You can add fresh berries, bananas and other fruit. Top it off with a bit of whipped cream for an even prettier and more delicious finish. The best part about French toast is that it is just as good when its warm rather than hot, so you can cover it in the oven on low heat for a few minutes to keep it warm while you make several slices for a larger party.

(Photo by David Silverman/Getty Images)


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