Do Italian Restaurants Throw Pasta at Walls to See if it’s Cooked?


A night out with the family sounds like a good time for all – unless the kids decide they aren’t interested and their attitudes ruin everything – and most of us love the idea of a good Italian restaurant for dinner. It’s comfort food. And I’m not talking about chain restaurants, either. I’m talking about that one family-owned, straight from Italy gem that every neighborhood seems to have; the food is so good you just want to live there. Italian food is so comforting. Doesn’t it just remind you of your grandparents and your parents, childhood dinners with the family that resulted in a lot of laughter and some seriously good times? I know that is exactly what it does for me, and I’m actually not even close to Italian (my grandparents are from Norway, to be precise). Since we all love Italian restaurants so much, I thought it would be fun to dispel a long-told story about pasta and whether or not it’s actually done.

When is Pasta Done?

Someone once told me that if I can toss a piece of pasta at the wall and it sticks to the wall, it’s done. Two thoughts ran through my mind; one – why would I go throwing food at the wall when my kids are likely standing there look right at me? It sounds a bit like a disaster waiting to happen. And two – does pasta leave any sort of stain on paint or can it be thrown at a tile backsplash to the same effect.

It’s then that I realized that throwing food at the wall seemed a bit rebellious, but also fun since someone basically gave me permission. And then I did it. That’s when I realized that pasta does stick to the wall (and does not leave a mark) and that pasta cooked enough to stick to the wall is entirely too cooked. Do yourself a favor and read the instructions on the box; al dente all the way.

Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images


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