The Food That’s Affecting Your Diet


It’s not uncommon for women to wonder why they can’t lose that last five pounds or why they’re not losing any weight at all; and it’s probably the unhealthy food you’re eating that’s to blame. Now wait just a second; I know you’re thinking that you’ve eliminated all the unhealthy food from your diet (except that sleeve of thin mints the Girl Scouts forced on you outside the supermarket last weekend), but you haven’t. Some of what you might consider healthy is actually preventing you from reaching your goal weight.


You’re good. You skipped the fatty bread and opted to have your favorite sandwich on a wrap instead. Oh wait; you’re not good. You just consumed an entire wrap filled with refined grains, which have little to no nutritional value. Additionally, the size of wraps these days is significantly larger than the actual suggested serving size, so you’re consuming double the calories and unhealthy options. Instead of choosing a full size wrap, opt for a half a wrap and some fruit or veggies on the side and try the whole grain option instead of the flavored wraps.

Fat Free Food

If it says it’s fat free, it must be healthy. Or not; after all, you did tell the DMV you’re a solid 10 pounds lighter than you really are and they believed your tiny un-truth, didn’t they? Just because something says it’s healthy and fat free doesn’t make it healthy. When there’s no fat, there’s no taste. So food companies make up for the blandness of their fat free foods by loading them with sugars and sodium.


Holy sugar high, Batman! Smoothies are fine when consumed in moderation, but they’re loaded with sugar and other unhealthy options when you buy them premade. If you’re going to drink a smoothie, make your own from fresh fruit.

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