Tips for Cooking with Your Children

As a parent, you know that there are a million things you could do with your kids; but you might not consider cooking to be one of them. Cooking is, however, a great way you can bond with your children, teach them valuable lessons, and make memories that none of you will soon forget. When it comes to cooking with kids, however, there are a few things you should make sure you instill in their minds.

Where Food Comes From

When you practice cooking with your kids, talk to them about where food comes from. This is particularly important if your children are smaller. While they might not be old enough to help with the preparation of the Thanksgiving turkey, they can help you by reading instructions and telling you where their food comes from. Correct mistakes they make and help them understand the importance of making healthy food choices.


One of the best lessons children get when you take to cooking with them is math. Cooking is not just about decadent aromas and wonderful flavors – or continued existence. It’s about math. You have to use specific measurements in a number of recipes and it’s great practice to help you teach your kids about fractions and measurements and addition and subtraction. Let them do the measurements or help you decide how to make a ½ cup of water when all you have in front of you is a measuring cup that measure ¼ cup.


Your kids will learn a lot about patience while helping you do the cooking. For example, they’ll learn that they can’t simply demand food and expect it to arrive on their plate in 30 seconds fully prepared and ready for eating. They’ll learn that all recipes take time and that sometimes patience is necessary to help them achieve something magnificent.

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