Ten Pasta Recipes That Will Never Get Old


Pasta; it’s like comfort food that goes straight to your hips. Good thing for me I’m a rebel who would rather make sacrifices in other areas of my diet than the pasta side and I get to enjoy it on a regular basis. Pasta is as close to heaven as one can get on earth, in my humble and very pointless opinion, though I’m sure some will agree with me. It’s good. I could eat it every day, and so could most people. If you’re a pasta lover, you might want to know that there are some recipes that you just can’t forsake. Maybe you don’t eat much in the way of carbs and you’d like to become familiar with a few recipes that will impress your guests or at least make for a quick week night meal when the kids are home and everyone is too busy to sit down for a long, in-depth and complicated evening of cooking. Also, they’re amazing and you should know these recipes at least for that – if for no other reason. Each of these dishes can be found on Pinterest for those of you looking for the recipes. However, since they’re classic dishes, you likely already know the recipes. That’s why you can check Pinterest or other cooking sites for fun variations and updated versions of each.


One of the most classic pasta recipes of all time, spaghetti is something special. It is the kind of dish that makes you want to sit back and enjoy time with your family so that you can relax. It’s classic because your grandmother made it. It’s delicious because your grandmother made it. It’s even better because it’s a quick fix that you can make any night of the week with few ingredients and even less time.


Slightly more complex than other pasta dishes, lasagna is another classic for good reason. This is a dish that allows you to make what you want how you want it. It’s the dish my best friend always makes for me when I have a baby, so I called it new baby lasagna, and it’s always something I look forward to. How could you not love that?

Macaroni and Cheese

The most all American pasta dish of all time, mac and cheese is so much more than a little yellow box and a few minutes on the stove. It’s real mac and cheese that we all love and adore so much, and that’s because it’s one of the most amazing dishes there is. Speaking of comfort foods…

Linguini with Clam Sauce

It’s not for everyone since not everyone enjoys seafood, but this is a classic dish that everyone has tried at least once. In fact, it’s one of the best-selling dishes at many Italian restaurants because it’s so good and so decadent.

Penne alla Norma

So cheesy and good, there isn’t a day that goes by you don’t remember some form of this dish from your own childhood, which is part of the reason it’s so amazing. This dish has been designed so that you can enjoy it from the comforts of your own kitchen, when you are out to eat with friends and family and when you have very little time.

Spaghetti Carbonara

When you want to step up your classic spaghetti dish a bit, this is the one you want to call on. This dish is pretty much spaghetti but with a bit more flair. That’s precisely why we love this dish so much. This is also the reason this dish is so good for people who enjoy a little bit of something special without the additional time and effort required to make so many other dishes.

Tomato and Parmesan Pasta

When you mix tomatoes with pasta and cheese, you get deliciousness that you can’t even describe. This is a dish so good that you can make it without much effort at all, and you can dress it up anyway you see fit. What we love is a dish that has a bit of garlic sautéed in some olive oil before the tomatoes are added to the dish. Pour it atop your pasta and you have something exceptional. Add some fresh basil to the top and what you have is a dish that will wow your guests every single time they come over to enjoy this simple dish with you. The best part is the fact that you are going to serve this hot or cold and love it just the same.

Fettucini Alfredo

One of the most classic Italian dishes of all time, this is a favorite for many. It’s simple, but it’s good. It always includes chicken and who doesn’t love chicken? What you’re going to get from this dish is a family full of fans when you have the time to whip it up. Because it’s a pasta and sauce dish, it’s not one that requires much time at all in the kitchen, and that’s why people love it.

Creamy Garlic Pasta

Creamy garlic pasta is one of my favorite dishes of all time. Not only is it something that my grandmother made when I was a child, it’s something my mom made as well. She taught me to make it myself and it’s one of my favorite go-to pasta dishes around. I love this dish because it’s simple and it’s elegant, but it requires little effort to make it so.

Sausage and Pasta

I don’t know if it’s classic to all, because I’ve met a lot of people who don’t know what it is, but it’s something I’ve always loved. All you need to do is grill some of your favorite sweet sausage, a few bell peppers and onions and mix it all in with a little bit of pasta. Add some salt and pepper to taste and you have a dish that’s so good you will add it to your weekly rotation. No, really; my husband gets a little excited about this dish every single week even though it’s a staple.

Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for the New York Culinary Experience


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