A Very Simple Paleo Fudge Recipe with Few Ingredients


Most people are familiar with the fact that the Paleo diet is hotter than ever. It’s yet another fad and trend that dieters are taking part in to lose weight and get healthy. This particular diet is one that essentially means you eat like a caveman. If the people of prehistoric times didn’t have it available to them, you shouldn’t eat it. It’s a pretty easy rule to follow. However, that doesn’t mean that this diet is for everyone. If it is for you, however, then you will want to learn what you can and cannot eat, and how you can incorporate the things you love most into your diet. Even though things like ovens and slow cookers and stovetops weren’t available in prehistoric times, Paleo dieters can use those now to cook their food. If you love a good fudge recipe, you’re going to be thrilled to know that this Paleo fudge recipe has only a few ingredients and it works well with your new diet.

What You Need

½ Cup:

Coconut oil

Cocoa powder

Peanut butter

¼ cup raw honey

½ tsp. vanilla

You’ll start by melting your coconut oil and then tossing everything from the ingredient list into a food processor and mixing it well. You want to ensure that everything is very smooth. Once it is, go ahead and fill some muffin tins with muffin papers and fill your muffin papers with chocolate. You can let them harden in the fridge so that when they are finished you can enjoy some deep, dark chocolate that’s good for you and not going to break your new diet. And we can even recommend that you let them stay cold; some people like to take their fudge out of the fridge to become room temperature before eating. We don’t. We like it good and cold!

Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images


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