Kitchen Substitutions to Make Cooking Simple

Someone once said something profound about life and the fact that there are no substitutions. They’re wrong. There are always substitutions for things that you don’t like, that don’t work or that are just plain missing. Consider cooking as an example. Have you ever stood in front of the counter and realized you’re missing one ingredient from the carefully made up recipe you worked on or have you realized that a recipe looks really amazing except for that one really awful ingredient? Well, it’s time to talk substitutions.

Bread Crumbs

Sure, bread crumbs are great. But they’re also unhealthy and not so great for your waistline when you eat them on a regular basis. However, many recipes call for bread crumbs. If you’re out of them or you simply don’t want them, try a simple substitution. Try using crackers. You can use your favorite ones or you can try using healthier versions of your favorite crackers. Either way; crackers are one of those things you just always seem to have.


So, I learned the hard way one time that buttermilk is not butter melted and mixed with milk. However, I also learned that this is a spectacular way to make cinnamon roll shaped hockey pucks. If you don’t have buttermilk on hand but you do have a recipe that seems to be calling for it, you can use regular milk. All you have to do is use a cup of milk mixed with a tablespoon of either vinegar or lemon juice. Not both.

Heavy Cream

Now, I’d have never discovered the genius use of homemade cinnamon roll hockey pucks if I’d had my measurements correct. However, if you need heavy cream and you haven’t any, make your own. Melt a third a cup of butter and mix it with a ¾ cup of milk.

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