What a Mustache Cake is and How You Make It


Mustaches are everywhere these days. From tee shirts to pacifiers to hats to party ware, mustaches are the coolest new trend around, and they’re all over the place. Many people are using mustaches as an actual party theme, and this awesome mustache party cake is going to wow your guests.

What You’ll Need

A box of cake mix, some chocolate frosting, the ingredients listed on the back of the cake box, a round baking pan and a little time and patience; that’s all you need to make this awesome cake. What you’ll need to do is simply follow the instructions on the back of the box and bake an 8 or 9-inch round cake. You might want to consider using a chocolate cake since it’s already the color of a mustache and it’s going to match your frosting that much better.

Creating Your Mustache

Once your cake is baked, you’ll want it to cool. Let it cool completely before you cut it. Now, once it’s cooled and you’re ready to cut, you’ll need to get a little creative. Remember what a yin yang looks like? You’re going to want to cut your round cake in the shape of a yin yang, even on both sides. Once you cut the cake, you’ll want to arrange it like a mustache.

To do this, simply take the cakes and line them on a long serving platter or counter with wax paper beneath it. Line up the two round edges of the cake and you have yourself a mustache. To finish up, add some chocolate frosting to the cake. You can spread it on with a knife or you can get creative and decorate with an icing bag and a creative tip.

Photo Courtesy: Pinterest


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