How to Make Your Own Homemade Baby Food

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Some moms like to buy it and some moms like to make it. Some moms don’t have time to add anything else to their plate, so they just buy their baby food. Other moms have more time (or make more time) to make their own baby food. No matter what you do, you’re an awesome mom. However, if you’re considering the make-it-yourself route, you might want to know a little about how to make your own baby food before it’s time to actually do it.

What You’ll Need

You can actually use anything from a blender to a fork to a food processor, but a baby food maker (the baby bullet, for example) or a regular old food processor is the easiest. This is going to help you mix and make your baby’s food from fresh ingredients with quickness and ease right from the comfort of your own kitchen. You’re also going to want to invest in some storage containers, because you’re going to make more than a simple helping all at one time. You’ve got to have somewhere to store it!

Prepare Your Baby Food

You’ll need to start by washing the fruits and vegetables you plan on cooking – you only have to cook fruits that aren’t already soft (think apples and prunes). If you have well water, you want to make sure it’s tested for nitrates that can cause health problems in your baby (it should be less than 10). If your well water has too many nitrates, wash your veggies in distilled water.

Once they’re washed, cook them until they are soft. You’ll then stick them into the food processor and mix it up. Some things are a bit hard and will require a little bit of liquid. You can use breast milk, formula or water. You can be the judge of how much your food needs based on the consistency you’re looking for. Just remember that the smaller the baby, the smoother and softer your food needs to be.

Store Your Baby Food

Store your food immediately after it’s cooked. This means in the freezer for anything you aren’t using right away. Nitrates in baby foods such as carrots and green beans can increase over time unless they are frozen. It’s the best way to keep your homemade baby food healthy and safe.

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