Lunchbox Dad Teaches Parents to Make Healthy, Awesome Lunches for Kids

lunchbox dad

If ever your children have returned from school with a virtually untouched lunchbox and the phrase, “I didn’t like it,” you need the Lunchbox Dad. Beau, San Francisco native, full-time job carrier, husband and father of three, knows the secret to making a great lunch. It’s all about creativity, interest, and something completely different. Lunchbox Dad is the dad your kids only wish you were (even if you’re mom). He’s the dad that makes kids give their own parent the “eye”. You know the one; the “why can’t my parents be this cool” kind of look. And he’s not apologetic for it.

About Lunchbox Dad

He’s just a regular dad with regular kids living a regular life: Except he’s an artist who uses foods and his children’s lunchboxes to display his art. Lunchbox Dad is a busy parent who understands the demands of everyday life. His goal is to help parents with their own busy schedules learn to make creative lunches that are healthy, simple and child-friendly. His website is filled with funny pictures, funny thoughts and lunch ideas that make you say, “Now why didn’t I think of that?”

Beau’s talent is so impressive he’s been featured on numerous television shows (with his kids!) and his work has been featured on sites such as the Huffington Post and ABC News as well as and He’s also taught classes that focus on healthy, fun eating habits at Whole Foods. It’s a pretty impressive lineup for this creative dad.

Lunchbox Dad’s Deal

What Lunchbox Dad does is pretty cool and it’s not really as difficult as you might think. He takes lunch and he makes it awesome. He serves his kids the same lunch you serve yours, filled with healthy snacks and an occasional treat. He just makes them way better than you (I’m including myself in the category of entirely uncool lunch packer…lunchables, anyone?) or I combined. Lunchbox Dad can take a simple sandwich and bananas and turn them into a Despicable Me lunch complete with the hilarious minions your kids love. You packed a banana for your kid yesterday and it’s boring banana-ness went completely untouched. He packs a banana that looks like a minion and suddenly the Best. Lunch. Ever. And his kids devoured it. Lunchbox Dad knows it’s all in the presentation.

If you need inspiration for healthy lunches that your kids will actually eat (my kids would never eat a banana – but if it looked like a minion, they’d be all over it), Lunchbox Dad is your one and only resource. Not only will you find recipes and creative packaging ideas, you’ll also find relatable humor on his site. It’s time to make like Lunchbox Dad and make yourself cool in the eyes of your biggest critics; your children.

Check out some of Lunchbox Dad’s lunchbox masterpieces.


Lunchbox Dad turned this veggie filled lunch into a Dr. Suess work of art.


Chewbacca makes for an excellent lunchtime snack.


Frozen is the hottest movie of the year, and a lunchtime favorite for almost any kid!


Everyone’s favorite mice make adorable lunchbox meals.

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