10 Delicious and Healthy Salmon Recipes

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Good health is never something we should never forsake. There is this old saying that I made up totally on my own after paraphrasing from many, many others; good health won’t kill you. So, you know, let’s embrace the good health. It’s good for us. Not only does eating well and exercising regularly make us feel better, it does wonders for our bodies. It provides us with more energy. It helps us to feel better about ourselves. It helps us to look good. When we look good, we feel good. When we feel good, we are good. Happiness and confidence are very in tune with one another, and both are very reliant on our health.

Perhaps you’re not in tune with your body quite the way that you should be. For example, when we are out and about, such as on a weekend when we take our kids to Disney, and meals are rushed, I don’t feel well. For example, a rushed croissant and coffee at Starbucks for breakfast followed by a burger and fries in the park for lunch followed by a quick stop through a drive-thru on the way home; I feel a bit sick to my stomach. My body knows when I need fruit, veggies and other good stuff in it, and it doesn’t operate well without those things. That’s why I like to make sure our dinners are as healthy as possible, and salmon makes frequent appearances on our dinner menu. It’s good for us, it’s light and it’s amazing. I never feel deprived eating a healthy diet because everything we eat is so good for us. With that in mind, I’ve decided to share some of my personal favorite salmon recipes with you so that you, too, can enjoy the fruits of your labor and good health.

Seared Salmon with Lemon Butter Sauce

This is an amazing recipe that’s designed to make you feel good about salmon and life in general. It’s a tasteful and very simple recipe that’s not hard to learn, and it’s great for anyone, including beginners. Even if you’ve never cooked salmon before, you’ll be able to conquer this particular recipe with a flourish so that you can enjoy healthy meals at dinner.


Pan Seared Salmon

Pan seared salmon is nothing short of delicious. It’s good, it’s tasty and it’s going to make you want to have this meal more often. I guarantee that this very simple recipe is going to make its way into your frequent dinner rotation. Simple and delicious, this recipe is one that will make you feel good about yourself when you’re done eating. It’s much nicer than feeling guilty and bloated at the end of a delicious meal, right?

Lemon Baked Salmon

Nothing makes me happier than this recipe right here. It is a go-to favorite in our house, and I actually plan on making it this weekend before we head off on vacation as we’re hosting a dinner party. It’s a recipe that makes you want to eat healthy all the time since it reminds you so much of what good health really does taste like.

Crispy Salmon

If anyone can make crispy salmon look amazing, it’s Gordon Ramsay. He’s  got the kitchen skill to make this amazing recipe look so simple, and that’s why we’ve included it here for you. It’s not the healthiest of the healthy recipes, but as a creative type, you can absolutely find some seriously great ways to minimize the unhealthy portions in favor of something healthier.

Garlic Ginger Salmon

Garlic and ginger might not seem like a perfect marriage, but you might be surprised. This is a recipe that comes out so much better than it sounds, and it’s one that’s just downright good. The flavors used to create this recipe blend so nicely together that it’s almost impossible not to enjoy the smooth flavors.

Simple Salmon Filet

Sometimes it’s the simplest meals that are the healthiest and the most delicious. This one is no exception. A very simple salmon filet, this is amazing. You’re going to find that you can easily make this meal at home by following the instructions completely or by adding a few of your own favorite simple touches to it.

Sauteed Salmon

Raise your hand if the idea of anything sauteed sounds completely amazing. That’s right, lots of hands. There is something so good about the flavor when something is sauteed, and especially as it applies to salmon. It’s such a flavorful and amazing dish as it is that it’s  hard not to love this one.

Gordon Ramsay’s Famous Simple Salmon

Simple is as simple does. We’re certainly not calling the famous Gordon Ramsay simple by any means, but we are saying that he’s someone who absolutely knows what it is he is doing when it comes to cooking and having a good time. This is a simple salmon recipe that anyone can master in no time at all. Since some people are a little intimidated by seafood prep, this is a recipe that’s going to make you feel less intimidated and more comfortable with the process.

I have an absolute obsession with anything that comes maple glazed or flavored. Maple syrup. Maple bacon. Maple bacon dipped in dark chocolate.  Maple glazed salmon. This is a good one, too, because you can grill it as it is in the video or you can even bake it and make it just as amazing.

Grilled Salmon the Right Way

This is more an instructional video on how to grill salmon, but it’s worth watching. It does provide a healthy recipe, but it also gives you some really amazing tips that will make the process that much simpler. I highly recommend watching this one and learning since it is going to make a difference in the way you put your salmon on the grill. The right finesse and the right technique can make a huge difference in how you present your meals to your family and your friends.

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