Five Ways to Keep Your Food Fresh Longer


You know eating healthy food is going to make you feel and look better, live longer and have much more energy, but you wonder why so many people choose to continue to purchase food that’s not good for them. The answer is simple; fresh food does not last very long. If you don’t use it almost right away, you don’t get a chance to use it, and that’s an expensive waste. Some of the most common foods we eat simply do not last all that long in the kitchen, which is why we end up throwing them away before we have a chance to even consume them, and that kind of hurts. We spend so much money at the supermarket that the idea of throwing food away makes us a little sick to our stomachs. The good news is that there are a few ways you can ensure that your food lasts just a little bit longer with these simple tips.

Freeze Food

You can check with the FDA to see how long your favorite foods can be frozen, how to store them and how to go about doing this before you buy them so that you know how to keep them as fresh as possible for as long as possible.


Tomatoes do not go in the fridge. They are stored in a dry place, and they should be stored with the stems facing down. As many people who buy their tomatoes NOT in a cold section who do store them in a cold fridge is amazing to me. Keep them fresh by keeping them out of the fridge.


Try putting plastic around the stems of bananas to keep them fresh longer. As they begin to ripen, bananas release gas. This gas escapes through the stem. If it is not able to escape, it’s not able to ripen. That means your bananas will last longer.


You know how potatoes sprout and become a little bit gross before you have a chance to eat them? If you store them with an apple, this will not happen. There is something in the apple that causes it to allow the potatoes near it to stay fresher longer, as much as a month longer than potatoes not stored with an apple.


No matter which type of berries you have, you can keep them fresh a lot longer if you wash them in vinegar water. The vinegar works as a disinfectant that kills mold and other bacteria found on the fruit that causes them to go bad a lot sooner.

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