Five Great Southern Sayings about Food


Living in the Deep South requires knowing a completely different language – the food language. Think about Paula Deen and her penchant for placing copious amounts of butter (but-ah) in all dishes and the Neely’s with their gorgeous southern accents (in case you can’t tell, I’m a Floridian with a love of all things Food Network). Southerners love their food; so much so, in fact, that they often use food references in their sayings. If you’re not from the south, you might be confused.

Gimme Some Suga’

Also translated as, “give me some sugar,” this southern saying does not have a thing to do with white sugar or brown sugar; nor does it have anything to do with powdered sugar. In the south, this means simply to give someone a hug and a kiss. Sugar is not just a food; it’s love. In the south, food equals love.

I’ll Have a Coke

To some it might mean coca-cola, but to southerners, “coke” is a saying in its own right. Coke refers to anything from a coca-cola to a sprite to any type of carbonated beverage around. When someone says, “I’ll have a coke,” it could mean anything.

Butter My Butt and Call Me a Biscuit

This is a favorite southern saying that equates several different food groups, but has not a thing to actually do with food. You’ll hear this saying when you tell someone something they just can’t believe. Why? Because biscuits don’t come with butter; they come with gravy. It’s unbelievable in the south.

Slower than Molasses

When someone from the south refers to someone or something as being slower than molasses, they’re referring to exactly what it sounds like; that person or thing is slow. Some people from other parts of the country have their own version of this one. Perhaps you’ve heard people say you’re slower than Christmas – it’s just another way of telling people they need to hurry up. However, southerners love their food and equate everything to food.

Sweet as Pie

This favorite southern saying is one of the best compliments anyone can receive. It means you’re sweet, wonderful and absolutely loved. Pie is a southern staple and there is nothing sweeter. In fact, when someone calls you sweet as pie, there’s nothing sweeter, dah-lin’.

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