Five Foods You Should Always Have in the House


We’ve all stood in front of the fridge for a few minutes at a time thinking that perhaps staring long enough will cause something to jump out at us. It never, ever happens. We’re all guilty of not going to the grocery store often enough, making our pantry look sad. However, no matter how quickly fresh foods go bad or how infrequently you make it to the store, there are five things you should always have in your house!


Extra virgin olive oil is a complete life necessity! You have to have this at home because it’s used in all kinds of cooking. It’s delicious and flavorful, and it’s healthy. Add it to any meal for a bit of extra flavor and some zest. It’s the perfect finishing touch to any meal.


First and foremost, honey lasts for years in the pantry. You can use it for just about anything, from sweetening your tea to making salad dressing. It’s a great and very versatile product to have. Make sure you have some in your house at all times.


Why not? Eggs go in everything. They’re practically a need-to-have ingredient, and you can use them to make breakfast, a healthy snack or just about any other dish in the world. If you don’t have eggs at home, buy some. You need them.

Sea Salt

You can make the flavor of anything you make pop with just a tiny bit of sea salt. It’s more flavorful and dense than regular salt, which means you’ll use less of it so you won’t up your sodium intake tremendously. Sea salt is a perfect spice. Get some and keep it on hand at all times.


Fresh herbs are a must. You can add them to anything, and you need them for flavorful and delicious meals. If you don’t have fresh herbs growing at home, get some. You can buy them, but they’re always much better when you grow them yourself.

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