Five Food Myths Everyone Thinks Are True


Rumors and myths and questions and what if’s and oh my’s galore; there is so much that can go wrong when you think you know all about food but you actually do not. There are so many myths and misconceptions and rumors about food that everyone thinks is true that some people refuse to eat anything else at any given moment. Some of those rumors aren’t rumors; they’re true. But others are just rumors and they are ones we can debunk and teach you all about right now. For that reason, you can rest assured that you will be able to eat the foods you once loved and then heard were gross and then didn’t love anymore. We have it all under control for you. Read on to find out which myths about food are not entirely true, and maybe go help yourself to a little something decadent.

No Sushi for Expectant Moms

Well, it’s true to an extent. While moms-to-be should not consume any raw or undercooked fish, they can eat some sushi. Not all sushi is made of raw or undercooked fish. In fact, some is made strictly of veggies, and that’s perfectly good for women who are having babies.

No Eating Past 8 PM

There is a widespread belief that you cannot eat past 8 pm if you want to prevent weight gain while you sleep, but it’s not the truth. The only truth to this is if you go to bed right afterward. You should try not to eat immediately before going to sleep, but that’s about it.

Taco Bell Doesn’t Actually Use Beef

The meat that Taco Bell uses in its tacos is actually beef. Someone once said that it’s around 30% beef and that the rest is just a bunch of processed ‘stuff’ and people panicked. It’s actually around 88% beef and so it’s all good. Literally.

Organic is Better

While there are some aspects of eating organic that are better for people, it’s not always the best choice when you take into consideration the environment and our health. According to WebMD, eating organic is not always the best choice for people.

Cooked Liquor has No Alcohol

Here’s a good note for those who love to drink; when you cook your booze, it’s still boozy. That means that coq au vin is still as beer-ish as you might think that it is. The bad news is for those expecting babies and eating this in mass quantities.

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