Five Edible Plants that are Very Easy and Very Cheap to Grow


Laziness aside, we could all save a bundle on growing our own edible plants at home. Additionally, it would probably be a lot healthier if we did just that. But most of us say we haven’t the time, we haven’t the skill and we haven’t the knowledge to do anything of this nature, and that means we are left without any edible plants growing at home. If you really want to consider a small garden of sorts with edible items that are inexpensive and very easy to grow, we have a few suggestions for you. It does not matter how brown your thumb, these plants are so easy to grow we can almost guaranteed that you will get exactly what you are looking for out of them and with very little effort. That said, we can help you start your little garden with five very delicious plants that won’t kill you trying to keep them alive.


They love the spring and fall weather, and they’re not at all difficult to grow in abundance. Be sure you don’t plant them in the heat of summer and you will be fine. They require very basic care, and very minimal attention.

Summer Squash

These are great in the summer, and they grow in abundance. They require very little maintenance, which is what makes them nice. You’ll be the hit of the street, too, when you keep giving your squash away since you have so much of it.

Sugar Snap Peas

Delicious and easy to grow, these inexpensive little peas are going to make a perfect addition to your little garden. Plucked straight from the vine they are delicious enough to not make it into the house or your next meal. These also prefer cooler weather, too, so you might be more inclined to want to grow them.


Not only are they good in almost any dish, they are very easy to grow. They are very hearty in that they can grow just about anywhere, which is what makes them so enjoyable. You’ll be happy you made the decision to grow these.


If you have light and a mixture of shade, a full month and very little effort, you can have a garden full of radishes. These might be a good start for your edible garden since they are so fast to grow and you can see your crops right away. This feeling of accomplishment will encourage you to grow more.

Photo by Cate Gillon/Getty Images


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