Five Cooking Pinterest Boards You Need to Follow Right Now


Raise your hand if you love Pinterest! Too many hands; it might be simpler to ask you to raise your hand if you do not like or have never heard of Pinterest. Our only assumption is that if you fall into the latter category, you must live without electronics, but then you would not be reading this to raise your hands, would you? One of my favorite ways to use Pinterest (other than for outfit inspiration and to decorate my house) is to find recipes. I know, I know….I can’t cook. But my husband can, and I love to do the dirty work of finding recipes that look delish and then helping him with the prep (I slice a mean vegetable). That’s why I love certain Pinterest boards designed solely for teaching me how to find healthy, delicious recipes that are going to make everyone in my house happy (I haven’t found that one yet, since my almost 7-year-old hates all food, so if you find that board, please let me know) and that’s why I’m sharing my five favorites with you.

How Sweet Eats

It sounds like something dessert-like, but it’s actually an amazing board for easy meals that take very little time, effort and thought. These are delicious meals you can make for your family that will not interrupt too much of your schedule. We are particularly fond of this board when it’s time for sports seasons to start in our house.

Sweet Basil

Cooking tips are things that we can all use, and this is the board to follow for the best ones. I mean, you will find tips here that change your life forever, and definitely for the better. This is a board designed to make cooking easier and less stressful, and it can turn a cooking disaster into something more successful with these simple tips.

Erin Phraner

Her Parties I Like to Throw board is perfect. It has recipes that you can make at home for just your family or ones you can make for a crowd. It’s the perfect entertaining board, and it’s something that can benefit you even when you’re not in party planning mode.

Love & Lemons

Anything food or drink related is on this board, and it’s amazing. From breakfast to dinner to everything in between, you’re going to find what you’re looking for and even what you’re not looking for on this board. Follow now for some of the best meals you’ve ever tasted.

Curt Despres

His page “Delicious” is worth a follow. Everything he pins looks, well, delicious. It’s actually something that makes you want to go ahead and pin and eat and cook everything you’ve pinned all day long. Actually, this board might make us all fat.

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