Easy Ways to Incorporate More Fruit Into Your Diet

Everyone is looking for ways to get healthier and one way to do that is to incorporate a few more servings of fruit into your diet. As delicious and sweet as fruit is, however, it’s hard for some people to figure out when and where to add it into their diets so that they can reap the many benefits of the fruits they love most. Here are three simple suggestions to help you eat more fruit each day.


Try stocking up on your favorite fruits and sticking them in the blender to make delicious smoothies. You can buy smoothies, of course, but they’re nowhere near as healthy as the ones you make from fresh fruit at home. The internet, recipe books and even your favorite food blogs are filled with decadent smoothie recipes that will guide you in the right direction. Try one for breakfast or for a sweet treat throughout the day.

As a Side

Of course your dream breakfast is the one with lots of bacon (whose isn’t?) but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a bit of fruit. Whether you’re more of a bagel and cream cheese or an eggs and toast kind of woman, try adding a handful of fruit to your breakfast as a side. If you really want to get creative, try mixing fruit with your pancake mix and making your own fruit pancakes that give you the ability to eat a little decadently and healthy at the same time.

As Dessert

Who says dessert has to be a chocolate laden pie or cookies or ice cream or other unhealthy option? It doesn’t. You can make dessert delicious and healthy by making it a fruit option. Try dipping fresh strawberries in melted chocolate or serving peaches with a bit of cool whip on top. Sweet, delicious and healthy.

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