Easily Avoidable Cooking Mistakes Most of Us Make

We can’t all be Giada, but we can try, right? In an attempt to become a well-rounded individual, learning to cook was something I decided to try recently. I’m not awful, but I’m not great (my talents lie in baking, but I don’t think eating brownies forever is a healthy option: Delicious, but unhealthy).  I’m getting better, but I’ve learned that there are some pretty basic cooking mistakes that a lot of people make. I thought it might just be me since cooking isn’t something I have a lot of experience with, but it seems even some of the best cooks make these mistakes as well.


How many cooks want to wash even more dishes after creating a masterpiece in the kitchen? Not many, I’m sure. However, it seems that in an attempt to eliminate a few dishes we are actually making a big mistake. Too many vegetables in one pan can change your sautéed vegetable dish into a boiled dish. When sautéed, veggies release their natural water content, which evaporates; putting too many veggies in one pan doesn’t allow the water to evaporate as quickly and your veggies end up boiled.

Season Stinginess

Maybe you don’t want to ruin the natural flavor or overwhelm your dinner guests, but not using enough seasoning is a mistake. When it comes to making delicious meals at home, an extra dash of salt or seasoning is only going to add to the flavor of your dish, not detract. You may buy bulk sausage seasoning online if you want to add sausage flavor to your dish.

Overcooking Meat

When it comes to fish and chicken, my opinion is the drier the better. I am terrified of undercooked meat and juicy meat tricks me into thinking it’s still pink. To help overcome this problem and stop you from ruining dinner, make sure chicken and fish are completely thawed before cooking. When the inside is still cold it tends to undercook while the outside overcooks.


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