10 Discontinued Burger King Menu Items

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Do you remember all the delicious and unique menu items that Burger King used to offer? Over the years, they have introduced and discontinued many items, much to the dismay of loyal customers. From tasty sandwiches to decadent desserts, a variety of items have come and gone from the Burger King menu. To jog your memory, here are the top 10 Burger King items we wish would come back.

Shake Em Up Fries


You can’t have a burger without tasty fries to accompany it. Burger King has constantly introduced a variety of unique fries options. Shake’ Em Up Fries was introduced in 2002. These were French fries served with a flavored seasoning packet, allowing customers to shake and season their fries. Despite initial excitement, they were discontinued due to inconsistent flavor distribution and declining customer interest.



Burger King doesn’t just serve burgers and fries. The franchise also offers its own versions of meals, like the Whopperito. This meal combined elements of Burger King’s iconic Whopper with a burrito format. It was filled with flame-grilled beef, tomatoes, lettuce, mayonnaise, pickles, and onions wrapped in a tortilla. The meal was a limited-time offer and wasn’t well received by Burger King customers as it didn’t taste like a burrito and was less enjoyable than the Whopper.

Cupcake Shake

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Tasty beverages can complement a large Burger King meal; most customers choose milkshakes instead of soft drinks. In 2009, they introduced the cupcake shake as a limited-offer dessert and drink option. The shake was made with creamy dairy and was dyed yellow. It also had a dollop of whipped cream with colorful sprinkles.

Burger Shots


Burger Shots, introduced by Burger King in 2004, were mini burgers similar to sliders, featuring small beef patties in soft buns. They were designed to offer a shareable, snack-sized option for customers. Burger King introduced them to cater to the trend of smaller, convenient, and shareable fast food items, appealing to those seeking a quick bite. Sadly, burger shots had to be discontinued as they did not sell very well for a variety of factors, including a lack of marketing efforts.  

Enormous Omelet Sandwich


Breakfast from fast food places appeals to customers who don’t have time to cook at home. That’s why Burger King invented the omelet sandwich. It was a folded omelet with cheese, sausage, bacon, or ham placed on a toasted bun. However, the sandwich had over 700 calories, which was more than the Whopper. The breakfast item was likely discontinued due to health concerns over its size and high calorie count.

Firecracker TenderCrisp


Franchises like Burger King offer an assortment of meaty burgers and sandwiches. Beef and pork are popular choices, but customers couldn’t get enough when Burger King offered the Firecracker TenderCrisp with crispy chicken and a spicy sauce. People on forums such as Reddit have been asking why they got rid of this tasty sandwich, and others have tried to recreate it. 

Dutch Apple Pie 

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Desserts like ice cream or cake are staples at fast food joints. One dessert that customers always talk about is the Burger King Dutch Apple Pie. It was a deep-dish dessert with a flakier crust and tasted similar to homemade variations. Unfortunately, in 2020, they discontinued the dessert because their supplier no longer made the product.

Froot Loop Shake

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Could you imagine having a cereal-style milkshake? Burger King always has weird and wonderful ideas that may appeal to its customers. That’s why they offered a Fruit Loop shake for a limited time in April 2017. The shake consisted of vanilla soft-serve with bits of colorful Froot Loops.


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Cini-Minis were miniature cinnamon rolls served warm with a sweet icing dipping sauce. Due to their bite-sized convenience and delicious flavor, they quickly became a popular breakfast and snack item in the 1990s. Despite their popularity, Cini-Minis were eventually discontinued as the menu evolved.

Crispy Pretzel Chicken Fries 

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Burger King invented various methods for making chicken strips. Their famous crispy pretzel chicken fries featured white meat chicken strips coated with crispy, pretzel-flavored breading. Customers could dip the chicken fries in Burger King’s BBQ or ranch sauce. The food item was discontinued as it was only added for a limited time.


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