Diet Substitutions That Will Keep You Healthy

Making a few simple substitutions to your diet can help you lose weight for good. In a world where most people are ready to jump on the bandwagon of every fad diet on the market, it seems a little too simple to think that making a few simple substitutions would actually help you lose weight. In reality, it’s just turning to a healthier way of eating and exercising more often that helps you maintain your best weight and look. That’s why these three substitutions are always a good start.

Milk for Cream

Instead of putting two tablespoons of creamer in your coffee each morning, opt for two tablespoons of 1 percent milk. You’ll save yourself approximately 30 calories per cup of coffee, which as a way of adding up big time in the course of a year. As a matter of fact, you’re saving yourself three pounds of per year by making this very simple switch.

Bakery Bagels

When you make a quick stop in the morning for a bagel from the bakery, you might think you’re doing good holding the butter and opting instead for some sort of low fat topping. Fine and good; your mistake is not in the topping, it’s in the bagel. Instead of a much larger than usual bakery bagel, you could save 130 calories from eating a bagel purchased from a package at the store. That’s a pound a month.


When you order that latte, consider asking for skim milk instead of regular. You’ll save approximately 80 calories per drink and you won’t even notice a difference in the taste of your latte. If you’re used to drinking one latte per day during the workweek, you will save yourself approximately 6 pounds of weight gain per year. That’s a significant savings over the course of a year.


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