The Craziest Baby Shower Cakes You’ll Ever See

baby shower

Baby showers would be more fun if there were fewer mustard-in-a-diaper games and more cocktails, but typically that’s not how things go (except at ours, where we want everyone to have a good time but me). One of the most noticeable aspects, the most stressed over detail and the most memorable addition to almost any baby shower – aside from the woman who is carrying the baby that everyone is anxious to meet – is the cake. The baby shower cake sets the tone for the shower. It portrays the elegance, happiness and beauty of the celebration, and it should be delicious – it is for a pregnant woman, after all. My amazing friends did a lovely job with each of my cakes for all three of my showers, but after seeing some of the most amazing cakes from baby showers around the world, I’m going to call them and thank them profusely for their lovely taste and their class. Because sometimes the hosts of baby showers clearly are not friends of the mother-to-be, as evidenced by some of these cakes.

Now everyone at the shower is experiencing morning sickness. 


Photo by cakewrecks

This one is adorable, and anyone should be honored to have such a sweet cake at their shower. 


Photo by coolbabyshowerideas

Is this a bun in the oven? Because it looks like a baby in the oven, which seems highly suspect and probably illegal in most states. 


Photo by sarcastic sarcasms

Simple, chic and cute as a button. 


Photo by maisoncupcake

A simple DIY cake perfect for any mom-to-be at her shower. 


Photo by wilton

Sweet and sassy, perfect for any shower. 


Photo by wilton

Apparently someone misread “baby shower cake” for “dead body at a funeral” instead. 


Photo by cakewrecks

Well, who doesn’t want to eat a baby riding a carrot like a bronco? 


Photo by Jessica Writes

Yum. Looks appetizing. 


Photo by cakewrecks

I had to throw this one in there because it’s just so darling!


Photo by coolbabyshowerideas

Put it back. Please. 


Photo by Imgur

Since when did a man’s little swimmers take on a very Casper the Friendly Ghost expression? 


Photo by cakewrecks


Photo by BlogspotAlison

A cookie cake is my favorite. And I can’t even hate on the saying. It’s true. That’s what you’re celebrating. #HonestyRocks


Photo by cakewrecks

I have twins. I would have left my shower if this was my cake.


Photo by cakewrecks


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