Correct Serving Sizes for a Healthy Lifestyle

You hear a lot these days about portion control and serving sizes. We all know that people have taken their serving sizes and increased them dramatically, which is partly to blame for the raging obesity epidemic. Your doctor, your nutritionist and every health professional around reminds you that being healthy and trim is all about “portion control” but what really is a proper serving size? These serving size recommendations will help you get used to implementing portion control in your life.


When serving meat or ordering meat at a restaurant, keep your serving size to a very specific three ounces. That means that six ounce filet is actually two serving sizes; it’s not good for your body. In fact, a simple three ounce piece of fish or meat is going to run about 160 calories, which is figure-friendly. Double that portion and you’re packing on the calories.


Many people feel that eating a meal without some sort of rice or pasta is just plain wrong (think meat and potato kind of guys). However, how much pasta or rice is a good idea on your plate? You might be surprised to know that you can serve yourself a full cup – or a portion the size of your fist – of pasta or rice at dinner and not feel guilty about it. This is the recommended serving size and it just so happens that you’re only consuming approximately 200 calories this way.


Personally, as long as you’re eating vegetables I feel that the bigger the portion the better. However, there’s still a recommended serving size, which is one cup. One cup of vegetables on your dinner plate equates to approximately 40 calories and a load of good health options. If you want to double that portion, feel free. There’s nothing wrong with overdoing it on the vegetables.

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