Can You Actually Get Paid Watching Your Favorite Cooking Shows?


When our television is on, expect to see one of just a few things; Bubble Guppies, Florida Gator Football, Scandal or the Food Network. We may not get much television time thanks to having four kids at home, but these are our favorites and we do love them – clearly I’m talking about the kids with the tiny fish that live in a land below the sea that looks suspiciously like the land above the sea, without the appearance of water all the time. I’m just saying. Television is a favorite mindless pastime for many, even if we don’t always have time to watch it. And some of the shows we love to watch are the ones that teach us things. We can watch them because we are not invested in them, they inspire us and they might even teach us a little something from time to time.

My husband and I love cooking shows. We learn so many amazing cooking tips and tricks we will never apply in the kitchen and we are inspired to make complicated meals that we realize are too complicated to bother with and then we go out to dinner. But the thought is what counts, and we love to watch these shows. My husband is an amazing cook, I am the kind of cook that decides to make dinner for her family and then has to deal with the incessant chirping of the fire alarms and the questions my kids have like, “Why does mommy’s cooking always make the fire alarms ring?” and “How come there is so much smoke when mommy cooks,” and “Why didn’t you just do it, daddy?” Kids are so mean. I know that the truth hurts, but still.

Since my kitchen skills are limited to pouring dinner and packing school lunches (even that is questionable), I just like to watch other people cook. But since they don’t explain how to keep the smoke out of the house, I don’t really pick up much. But I recently learned that I could sit down all day long and watch cooking shows, get paid and really make it a productively lazy day. Now, let’s be honest; is there a better way to spend a day than lounging around doing nothing? It might sound lazy to some, but to this mama of four who is never home to enjoy sitting down and doing nothing, it sounds like a dream come true. Sometimes when we send the kids to the grandparents for a night and plan a date, I ask if our date can be on the couch. Where I can sit. Without interruption. Perhaps there might even be a nap.

Back to getting paid to watch cooking shows; Swagbucks has a video channel, and they will pay you to watch the videos. Before I go any further, though, I’ll explain Swagbucks to those who might not have heard of this interesting site just yet. Swagbucks is a site that offers you points – swag bucks – to do things for them. These simple tasks usually don’t take much time, offer a few points and they are redeemable for Paypal cash or gift cards to your favorite stores. It’s simple; you do tasks and they pay you. How difficult is that?

Now, you can watch television on the site and earning money doing it. That’s the perfect lazy way for all of us to earn a few extra bucks. It literally requires nothing more than just time spent watching cooking shows that will pay you money. If you’re already lazy about your day, you might want to consider this as an option for making a little extra cash. A job like this means you can work on sick days, you can work when you are traveling and you can work when you have just a few minutes sitting in the car line at school to pick up your kids. All you have to do is watch television.

Here’s how it works

First, understand that there are playlists on the site and you have to watch all the shows associated with one playlist. Depending upon how much time you have and how many swagbucks you want to earn, you can watch for just a few moments or you can choose a longer playlist that’s around a half hour long. You will watch them and then claim your bucks. What you get to watch varies and it really just depends on what you choose.

There are video options that will teach you everything from how to make sushi to how to make kebabs and everything in between. No matter what, though, you will have some entertainment while you watch these videos and you will get paid for it at the same time. Even if you learn absolutely nothing from what you watch, you will get paid for it. The good news about cooking shows, however, is that you almost always pick up at least one helpful tip that makes a difference in the kitchen. And you get really, really hungry.

How to get paid

Once you’ve watched the videos in question, you will then redeem your swagbucks. When you have accumulated enough in the account you opened, you will trade them in for whatever gift cards you want. Think long and hard about that, too, since there are so many options. Paypal is a great option since you can use that as a method of payment for just about anything, anywhere these days. Additionally, if you frequent stores such as Target or Old Navy or even Amazon, there are always gift cards available to those stores, too. It’s a very simple and very uncomplicated way to make a little money on the side to spend at the places you like to shop the most.

I have no idea what each show pays, or how much to expect. However, I can tell you that something is more than nothing and with a job this simple, it’s worth looking into.

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