5 Lunchbox Ideas that are Great for Easy Kid-Friendly Meals


Kids are notoriously picky, especially when it comes to food. It’s almost as if they don’t quite understand just yet that some food is the same even if it’s in a different format than others. For example, one of our daughters will not eat syrup if you put it anywhere near a pancake because it looks, “So uh-skusting,” but if you dare give her a waffle without drowning it is syrup she will give you a death glare. Kids; they’re weird. So that leads to an even bigger issue; while it’s annoying enough that they’re picky about what they eat at home, what do you do when they go to school and you realize that you want them to eat? The good news is that they’re not going to starve. If they’re hungry enough, they will eat. But to be sure that the lunches you pack for your kids are delicious in their minds and still pretty healthy as a whole, we have some fun ideas.

Custom Sandwiches

My older kids have inherited my snobbery – my bread snobbery that is. Call it weird, but I have an issue with soft bread – it’s a texture thing. I only eat bread if it’s from the bakery and it cannot be soft. So my kids feel the same way. Make them a custom sandwich and use a cookie cutter to make it into a seasonally appropriate shape and they’re suddenly in heaven.

Apple Dippers

My kids love to eat apples, and they love to eat them when they can dip them into something. Sometimes we take the time to make this ourselves and pack it in their lunches and other times we buy them premade. We usually send either peanut butter or a little cool whip and cream cheese mixture for them.

Tomato Soup

It might not seem kid-friendly, but guess how good this is going to be when you toss a few Pepperidge farm goldfish in the mixture and make it look like your kids’ lunch is swimming? They’re going to love it.

Fruit Pizza

Here’s a super idea for small kids who love to eat pizza but don’t love to eat the fruit you put on their plate. Make them a pizza made out of fruit and some decadent things that are so delicious your kids won’t be able to help but feel good about it.

Veggie Rainbow

When you make your kids a healthy snack, make it look like rainbow with different colors and a very specific arrangement. You’re going to love it, and your kids are going to love it even more.

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