15 Tips to Make The Ultimate Cinco De Mayo Party

cinco de mayo

Cinco de Mayo is only a week away and that means it is high time to get your party planning self into gear so that you can ensure your party is the most amazing one of the year. The fun celebration happens only once a year, so you really do have to make it a good one and we have some great advice to help you do just that. The tips we offer are simple and comprehensive, and they make for a great party when they’re utilized. There’s nothing like hosting a party that’s seamless and perfect all the way through. When you’re relaxed and having a good time, so are your guests. And that’s why we love a little bit of advanced planning and a seriously long list of tips and tricks that will make the party that much more successful. Read on to find out a few simple tweaks you can make to your party to ensure it’s the best one yet.

Use Bold Tablewear

When it comes to hosting the ultimate Cinco de Mayo party, you will want to use colorful, bold and vibrant tablewear to make the party festive and fun. Don’t worry about ‘matching’ things, just worry about making them as bold and colorful as possible.

Plan the Numbers

The first thing you need to do is find out how many people are coming and plan accordingly. Ask for RSVPs so you know what to expect so you can have enough of everything for everyone.

Use Simple Flowers

We love the concept of decorating with cactus, single daisies or sunflowers or peonies in a tall, slender vase. It’s simple and elegant, and it won’t break the bank to buy single flowers and décor such as this.

Make it Adults Only

Cinco de Mayo is a traditionally drunken holiday and while we feel it’s perfectly acceptable not to overdo it with the drinks, we also think everyone needs an evening out without any kids every so often. It’s kind of fun to carry on a conversation with other adults without frequent interruptions.

Set up a Full Bar

A bar is a good idea. Not only does it confine the mess and make it seem like you have a real party going on, it’s fun to decorate and you can get so creative and have so much fun with it. We love the idea, and think you will, too.

Think Mexican

Since the holiday is traditionally Mexican, why not theme out your party with sombreros, Mexican décor and Mexican menu items? We love the idea.

Get Creative with Favors

Give your guests a fun southwest favor such as a wrapped cactus plant or something of that nature. It’s going to last forever no matter how brown their thumbs, and it’s fun and pretty, too. It’s also a creative gift that might show off your thoughtful side.

Hire a DJ or make a Great Playlist

Music makes the night. We think you should go with some traditional Mexican music here and there, but don’t forget to include fan favorites in the mix. A DJ will do a great job, but a carefully created playlist can work wonders to make any party more fun and exciting.

Host a Signature Cocktail

Since it’s a party in which many people will indulge in a little cocktail, we think it’s safe to say you can host a signature cocktail that will wow your guests. Come up with something creative on your own or browse the internet for ideas and make a big batch so people can help themselves as they please.

A Taco Buffet

What’s more delicious and less stressful than a taco bar? Everything can be made and prepared in advance so you’re not scrambling to make food or pick up catered items at the last minute. It’s fun, festive and it’s not even that expensive, which is great for the person planning on a budget.

Get a Pinata

We love piñatas. Contrary to popular belief, we don’t feel they’re at all for kids only. We think that they can be used anytime by anyone, no matter your age. Fill it with amazing candy – not the cheap stuff you can get away with when you fill it for kids, either.

Make it Early

There’s something fun about an event that starts before the sunsets. Not only does this mean you can move things outdoors, you can watch the sun go down and enjoy the beautiful evening weather. It’s a fun and festive way to throw and party, and it’s the best time of the day.

Have a Fire

It’s May and that means the weather is hot in most places, but a fire is still nice to have when the sun goes down. It’s fun and you can make s’mores and have a good time sitting around and just enjoying the presence of the people you love most in the world.

Try a Tequila Tasting

Did you know that tequila is not the official drink of Cinco de Mayo? Most people are completely unaware of that since it flows quite freely on this particular day, but it’s really not the drink of the day. But…who cares? Why not have a tequila tasting. Work it out the same way you would a wine tasting. Make it fun and professional and totally entertaining. Just make small shots so people don’t get crazy.

Relax and Stay Safe

The most important thing to do to host a successful Cinco de Mayo party is ensure all your guests have a designated driver or a place to stay in your home. You can even hire a driver to take people to and from their homes and allow them to come back the following day to pick up their cars if they’re in that kind of mind frame. While we’d prefer everyone stay safe and have a driver – or not need one at all – we think the most successful party hosts have a place for guests to stay or someone to send them home safely.

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