Turning Your Old Towel Into a New Washcloth


How many of us have a closet filled with dozens of old towels that are in good condition in the middle and totally frayed along the edges? I know that my family has plenty of these. These are the towels that have been through the dryer one too many times that we now use when we have messes to clean up, when we want to take the kids outside and wash the cars and dry them, and when we do things that other people just don’t see. They’re not our bathroom towels, they’re not display towels; they are there so that we don’t mess up our pretty, decorative towels. But sometimes you just have to say enough and move on; but you need not worry about throwing them away. You can, instead, make your own new wash cloths with your old towels. We have a simple process that will allow you to create a bunch of nice wash cloths out of old towels you no longer use for anything purposeful.

Cut the towel into squares about the size of a washcloth. You can even use your current washcloths as an example when cutting these so you have a good idea as to the size you want and need. Since this is your project, you can even go bigger or smaller depending on what you want to use these new cloths for. It’s completely up to you as to how you want to use these.

Once you have these cut, you will want to choose wide ribbon – we say two inches or more – and sew it around the edges of your new washcloths to keep the edges from fraying and to add a bit of visual appeal to your new washcloths. The concept is a very simple one that will work wonders for you.

Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images


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