Transform Your Boring Bathroom Into A Chic Bathroom for Under $100


Bathrooms and kitchens sell houses; it’s just a fact. Of course, there are other factors, too, but those are the two biggest ones. When my husband and I built our first house, we had a very specific idea of what we wanted and that’s what we designed. When we bought this house the year our twins were born and it became blindingly obvious to us a family of 6 needs a much larger home, we focused on bathrooms and the kitchen, too. Of course, our primary concern this time around was size. However, after size it was the kitchen. We have four small kids, and one day we will have a house filled with kids and grandkids during every holiday. I don’t cook well, but my husband does. I wanted a big gourmet kitchen perfect for Christmas dinners and Thanksgiving gatherings.

However, I’m very partial to bathrooms. With six people (two males and four females) we knew we needed at least three bathrooms. We needed a very large master bathroom, and I will not live without a ‘toilet’ room in my master. I love being able to walk into the bathroom and into the toilet room, shut the door and never worry about toilet particles floating onto counters or other locations. I might be a bit strange, but that’s important to me. I also like a walk-in shower, I am terrified of bathtubs (it’s a grout thing as well as the proximity to the wall where there are corners and it feels claustrophobic; I don’t like tubs) and I wanted space. I also wanted light and bright.

We got most of what we wanted in this house, and I’m pleased. Our master has everything we could ever imagine, and it’s massive. The other bathrooms are big, spacious and perfect, too. The only problem was the minor details. The light fixtures were awful, the countertops were disgusting, the sinks were boring and the paint was atrocious. We fixed that by painting the cabinets a lovely shade of antique white, adding Alaskan White granite to each bathroom, upgrading the sinks and faucets and light fixtures. It was not inexpensive. However, most bathrooms are just fine other than a few minor details that are very easy to fix. That’s where I’m going to help you out.

A boring bathroom will not sell your house, but one that’s chic and sophisticated will such as utilizing luxurious-looking tiles for the bathroom. Here are a few of the least expensive, most useful tips to update your plain, boring bathroom to chic and sophisticated. The best thing is that each of these methods is one that costs just under $100 – or can, depending on what you want to do.

Paint It

One of the biggest problems we had in our bathroom is that the paint was matte. What this means is that while it was a nice, neutral color that worked well, it wasn’t good. Matte paint does not wipe off or clean. If you are wet and touch the wall, say to brace yourself while you pick something up, the oil from your skin or water from your hands leaves permanent mark on the wall. If you get something on the wall and try to wipe it off, it just makes bigger marks. We used the same color but in a satin finish and it’s so much cleaner and lovelier – and everything wipes right off.

Frame Your Mirror

With a few white end squares and decorative white trim, we framed out our large mirrors in our bathroom for something like $36. It was easy, quick and it took more time to go to Lowes and purchase the items we needed than it did to install them. The result is gorgeous, and we are in love with our new bathroom look.

Add New Hardware

It’s amazing what old hardware can do to an otherwise nice bathroom. It can make it look old, dated and not all that attractive. It’s a great idea to splurge on new hardware for the cabinets and doors so that you can update the look, change the aesthetics and make everything look chicer.

Buy New Towels

It’s simple, right? You can make your boring bathroom look exciting and gorgeous simply by replacing all your towels with plush, luxurious towels that look more spa-like than boring and used. Go with a neutral color to help keep the room in check, and the rest will fall into place.

Clean it Up

No one likes a cluttered bathroom. Add floating shelves. Pick up decorative trays and apothecary jars and put things on the counters displaying them in an elegant manner. It’s attractive, clean and functional. It makes the room look larger, brighter and chicer. It’s a simple fix that costs next to nothing when you run into Crate and Barrel or Home Goods, but it makes the biggest difference.

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