Toothpaste: For More Than Just Your Pearly Whites

There are several topics in life people just don’t talk about, but it’s time to start talking about them; let’s talk toothpaste. That’s right, I went there. Toothpaste; it’s probably not something you discuss often in your home, but did you know that it’s got several great qualities you’re completely unaware of? Not only does it work to keep your smile bright and beautiful, it helps to do several other things around the house. It’s time to learn exactly what toothpaste can do for your life.

Bye Bye Crayon Marks

If you have kids, you have crayons. If you have young kids, you have crayon marks in places you don’t even want to think about. You have crayon marks on tables, walls, furniture and a million other places because all it takes is 2 seconds for your children to completely redecorate your home with their lovely little crayons. Toothpaste, fortunately, will do wonders to remove the crayon marks from your life. Rub a little non-gel toothpaste on the marks with a dry cloth and rinse with warm water. Bye bye crayon.


You’re prepping dinner and now you can’t get the dirty smell of garlic off your hands. It happens to the best of us. You could wipe your hands repeatedly on your metal sink to help get rid of the smell, but what happens if you don’t have a metal sink? Then you have to run you hands with a glob of toothpaste. It might feel strange and wrong in a million ways, but it will get rid of the garlic scent.

Sneaker Help

If you wear tennis shoes, they get dirty. It’s just a fact of life. You can’t put something on the ground and not expect this to happen. However, if you want to whiten your tennis shoes after a while, you can use a toothbrush and non-gel toothpaste to wipe away scuff marks and other marks from your tennis shoes.

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