Three Reasons DIY Cake Stands are Much Better than Store Bought

cake stand

We’ve discussed the DIY cake stand in the past. We gave you ideas on how to make a few of them, showed you videos and helped to change your baking life for the better. We clearly love a good DIY cake stand, so we’ve decided to bring it up again. This time we are bringing you the benefits of making your own instead of buying them. Since you already know how, perhaps you need a little motivation to get you out of the kitchen for a few minutes and into the craft store so you can choose the right tools and pieces and parts to help you create your own amazing DIY cake stands. Even if you’re not overly talented or great with crafty stuff, we can help you change that and create something one-of-a-kind and unique. And we will tell you exactly why you want to do this. Read on to find out why making your own cake stands is so much better than buying them.


You save money. Enough said. Do we even need to tell you that making something is usually less expensive than buying it? Well, it is; and we appreciate that very much. You can have all the cake stands you want to host all the parties you adore and never have to worry about spending a fortune.

They’re Great Gifts

Gift giving can be a nightmare. Cards seem so impersonal as if they say, “Hey, I bought you a gift card because I’m too lazy to put some actual thought into a real gift and you’re not all that important anyway,” (though I love gift cards, both giving and receiving, but I always feel like this just a little when I give one….guilty conscious?). If you can make your own cake stands, you can provide people with a lovely, homemade and thoughtful gift that they will love forever.

You Can Start a Shop

Have you ever wanted to earn a little extra money on the side or just work from home so you can be with your kids more often or just stop answering to someone you don’t care for very much? If you can get creative enough and market a little shop, you might be able to create your own business. You never know. But it’s always worth a shot, right?

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