Three Fun DIY Bookshelf Ideas for Your Personal Library


Books are the most amazing gift in the world. You can give them, get them and provide them to yourself and it always promotes a smile. Reading is an escape from reality; an allowance into worlds not your own. Reading a really good book allows you to leave where you are and enter an entirely new world as a new person. It allows you to experience new experiences and be the person you always dreamed of becoming. Reading allows you to be someone else for several hundred pages, and it’s the kind of escape that we all need in our lives. It’s beautiful; it’s magical – and it’s a gift that keeps on giving. A truly good book is one you will never be able to put down until it’s finished and that you will be able to pick up at any time and enjoy again and again with just as much passion and vigor. Reading is beautiful. It’s wonderful and it’s magical. And that’s why you need a DIY bookshelf in your house. Your books need a very special place to call home, and we have some great ideas that will make it simple and possible for you to make your own.

Stackable Storage Shelves

We love this idea from IKEA. Just buy some of the white shelves from IKEA that you might use for storage and stack them on a wall to use for books. They are deep and they are sturdy, and they’re not as boring as traditional book shelves.

Ladder Shelves

How about placing your books on a ladder shelf that allows you to see many books at once while also enjoying the ability to stack additional odds and ends on the shelves with them? It’s a fun concept that doesn’t require any work on your part.

Actual Book Shelves

If you want a truly unique DIY bookshelf, then you’ll want some brackets. Attach them to the wall and then stack your books on top of them to make actual shelves out of books. Now that’s something totally cool.

Photo by Hannelore Foerster/Getty Images


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