The Simplest DIY Earring Holder


One of the biggest life problems women have in the first world countries such as America is where to put their earrings. We love them, but we have nowhere to put them. Jewelry boxes are a bit overrated, but we need a way to store things so that they don’t end up lost, tangled or just jumbled up in a huge mess that makes it all but impossible find what it is you are looking for. So what are you to do when this happens? Well, you are going to make your own DIY earring holder. This is something you can put anywhere from the wall in your closet to a drawer; it all just depends on how you want to use it. The concept is simple; you need only have a small piece of wood. And by small, we mean so small that you might as well get an old wooden rulers and some pretty spray paint and get to work.

Before you spray your new earring holder, however, go ahead and use a small saw or knife to cut very small notches. You’ll want to do this all the way across the ruler, probably every two marks on each inch, and then you will cut about halfway down the ruler to the center. When you’ve gone all the way across the ruler, go ahead and spray paint it and let it dry.

The next order of business will be to attach this small ruler to two piece of wood on the back – nothing big, just something that’s maybe a half inch wide so that the ruler doesn’t actually touch the wall when you nail the sides in. Once up, you can slide the backs of your earrings down the little grooves you cut out and leave them there so they don’t get lost or tangled in a drawer.

Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images


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