The Simplest DIY Alarm System Around


Some people want to know how they can create their own DIY alarm system so that they can keep their families safe and feel comforted that things are not to worry about. The bad news is that most alarm systems are quite expensive. The good news is that you can do something that qualifies as a DIY project to make your house secure and safe without spending any money – or at least without spending a ton of money. You can do it easily with just a few moments time and maybe just a few minutes online and a few dollars. How do you make a DIY alarm system that will keep robbers, burglars and other nefarious types away from your home? The answer is simple; you do what so many people in the country do and you place an alarm company sign in your yard and act like you have an alarm. Did you know that a large percentage of homes with alarm signs in the yard are not actually using an alarm system?

But the good news is that criminals aren’t looking to double check. If they see an alarm system sign in the yard, most of them will keep on walking. They might wonder if you really do have an alarm, but they’re not looking to find out first hand whether or not the sign came from the company or you bought it off someone on eBay. If you cannot afford an alarm system, this is a secure and very inexpensive DIY system. Add a motion-detection light to the front yard and you will have a foolproof way to keep people off your yard and out of your home unless they were specifically invited. It’s a nice concept, and you will feel a lot safer in your home with this system.

Photo by Thomas Starke/Getty Images


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