Simple Romantic Gestures for Any Couple

Whether you’ve been married for years or you’re fairly new to this relationship, doing something romantic for the man you love and for your relationship is always a good idea. Really, it’s never a bad idea to put into your marriage or relationship what you want to receive from it because always putting your best foot forward means you won’t have any regrets. If you’re looking for romantic ideas to spice up your love life, look no further.

Frame It

A cute, inexpensive, and very simple romantic gesture can be done in less than five minutes. All you need is a little picture frame, a piece of paper and a dry erase marker. Put the paper into the frame and set it on the desk in your home office, in your shared bathroom or on your nightstand and leave the dry erase marker next to the frame. If you want to get crafty and decorate the frame, it’s up to you. Next, write a small message on the glass. It’ll look like love note in a frame, but all you have to do is erase the message and write a new one anytime you feel the need to convey your love. You can write anything you want, and it will always bring a smile to your faces.

Take Notes

Place an empty vase or glass jar next to your bed or wherever you want. Every time something good happens, or you make one another smile or you have a particularly sweet thought or memory of the other, write it down, fold it up and put it in the jar. On New Year’s Eve go through the notes in the jar and relive your romance.

Come Up With Good Dates

If ever you hear the phrase, “I don’t know. You pick,” you know how annoying it is when one of you wants the other to plan all the dates. Get some popsicle sticks and a couple of pens and spend some time writing down great date ideas; they can be elaborate, simple, cozy or whatever. Each of you gets to write down as many as you wish and put them in a jar. When date night happens, pick a stick from the jar and do whatever is listed. Everyone is happy and your date will be amazing (definitely if it was one with your idea on it. Maybe if it’s his.).


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